Panther Enthusiasts Club UK

RSPCA Gala Day 

Millbrook Rescue Centre Chobam Surrey

Sunday 4th  September 2011

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Because of Olivia Newell's association with the RSPCA Millbrook Animal Rescue Centre, The Panther Enthusiasts Club has quite a long history of supporting this fund raising day. Primarily it is not a car show and consequently the space given up for displaying classic cars is not huge. However, it is quite an enjoyable event and remains popular with our members. Having said that, our numbers were slightly down from the usual 10 or so cars. Only 7 made it to the show this year although the number down to attend was greater than that. It was nice to see Les and Pearl Pratt at a show again even though he cannot yet drive his Kallista following his stroke. (anyone know where he can source a Granada hydraulic steering pump and brackets, he wants to convert his car to power steering).

The day started brightly enough, but Oh were we glad we had the gazebo, when the rain poured down around lunch time. Whilst we were sheltering from the rain, we encountered another of those souls who professed to having worked at the Panther factory at Byfleet. However, this woman really did seem to know her stuff and wanted to be remembered to Bruno and also Bill and Maureen Reed. Her name was Mary Morgan and she apparently worked in the parts department. We forgave her for having an unacceptable surname and wished her well.

Around 4pm the sun came out and we were able to enjoy hoods down motoring home. Dave Turner and I drove around the M25 back to Essex and had, for a late Sunday afternoon, a trouble free run, but why is it that if you want to travel at 70MPH you have to use the outside lane? Several times we tried driving in the middle lane, but found that 60 seemed to be accepted speed for that lane. Consequently, you find yourself constantly changing lanes, both to overtake and also to get out of the way.

A few photographs of the day follow:






Our line up of cars in our usual pride of place at this event.



At the show were: Duncan & Julie Goudge, Tony & Helen Burley, Terry & Larraine Hockley-Moore, Colin, Les & Pearl Pratt, Alec Bradshaw, Dave Turner and Roy Biddle

















Altogether a familiar sight at this event, although the gazebo is a bit downmarket from the luxury we used to enjoy when George and Shelagh brought the caravan. The banner's the same though.


















At this stage the weather was dry and the gazebo was able to be used purely for tea and coffee making and this picture showsTerry making a brew.


















                              Helen, Julie and Duncan, enjoying a natter and brew



















               The Pratt family, Colin, Les and Pearl, great to have them out and about with us.

















      Dave and Alec having a chuckle about something, probably the Ford Cortina that almost caught alight.






















     It seems to have caught Tony and Terry's attention as well.















Helen's cafe and refuge from the now very heavy rain. If Helen is coming to an event don't bother to bring your own food, you'll probably just take it home with you. As if what Helen brought wasn't enough, Pearl also brought a cake with her. If Mary and Jennifer had been present we could have profitably opened a cake stall!






















   It was quite cosy in there, especially when Larraine was accompanied by her two dogs. Wet dog lovely smell!
















   Duncan and Julie's very nice Kallista sports 5 different Panther club badges and whilst we are looking at his car, is that an illegal number plate. Perhaps it is TLS  1X, which is probable legal, but who's initials are they certainly not Duncan's?





Anyone who has been to The Gala day at Millbrook will recognise these scenes that are regular features of the show:


                       Miniature traction engines

                        Sheep dog demos

                        The Band

                        Morris dancers











As I wrote earlier, there were not as many cars there this year but this old Humber below deserves a showing




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