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2006 French Trip to Aix-en-Othe near Troyes


The following photographs are from enjoyable 2006 French trip from May 31st to June 4th. The weather started off abysmally but did improve for the last three days. However, it didn't dampen our spirits and a good time was had by one and all. Twelve cars went on the trip and all performed well.  Note there are 60 photographs here and they may not all load in one go. If blank spaces with little red crosses appear, click on "refresh" a couple of times, this usually causes the remainder to load 

Acquaintances renewed beside John's gleaming Deville- two..

 plus two.............

 plus two.........

 plus two = eight Panthers at L'Escale

Rendezvous at Rely Service station - long car the Deville

Loo Stop

two lovely Devilles

Sorry ladies - I should have stopped somewhere else!

Almost lost our hotel because of a chimney fire .....

that was lit to give us a warm welcome

Gilliette looks down from a balcony room

Auberge car parking


and ditto.......

and ditto ...........

and ditto

Some of the many picturesque old streets in Troyes

They look quaint but I wonder what they are like to live in?

The picture postcard main square with its many pavement cafes

Old streets near the cathedral

Another typically old street in the centre of Troyes

The Rose window in the Cathedral

Coffee time in old Provins



and yet again

Workmen restoring the ramparts of Provins stop for lunch - note the barbecue in the half an oil barrel

"Eagles of the Ramparts" the best and most dramatic falconry  show I have ever seen

The show featured birds of prey of all sizes from the smallest to the American Bald Eagle and Vultures with 2.5 metre wing spans

The display was accompanied by dramatic music and included horses, a camel and wolves as well as the birds.

even Daft Aida was there

The number of kids queuing up to go in was a bit daunting but as it turned out the place was big enough for us to stay well away from them and in fact their presence and re-actions added to the show

At last we had some good weather and were able to enjoy the poolside

Not many ventured into the water though - it was cold!

We visited the local cider museum

and were given a talk on cider production through the centuries -

by the head of the local tourist board

an old pulping machine

glorious sunshine in a lovely setting

or was it the effect of all that tasting

John Deeds now superb Deville adds to the scene

which is more than can be said for Jim who did what he does best

A very enjoyable picnic back at the auberge

After the high quality meals of each evening a bit of French bread and cheese went down well

washed down with a few beers and some wine of course

lovely setting

Tony and Wally get stuck into a couple of cream cakes

while Sue and Val prefer something they can get their mouth around

Coffee! what's happened to all the wine?

George in the process of losing his title as the PEC table tennis champ - Wally now has that honour

Leigh, Peter, Sue G, John G, Sue H, Tony, John D, and Linda

Val, Wally, Shelagh and George

Jen, Alan, Michele Terry Larraine and my chair

Jen again (front view) Les, Pearl and Michel and Alan (rear view) Somehow or other I've missed Jim, Gill, Richard, and Shirley

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