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New Year Celebrations 2005

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The Essex Area once again held their post Christmas Bash late in January. This time the venue was the Joy Fook Chinese restaurant at Kelvedon Hatch. The event was attended by virtually all the area regulars. George & Shelagh and Les and Pearl from Hampshire were also present and our thanks go to them for venturing down to deepest Essex for the event.

The name of the restaurant caused some amusement and I couldn't help imagining Kevin from Nottingham referring to it as The Joyous Fook. The seating was "intimate" (Margaret's word for the lack of elbow room) so I think I'll take a good look at the photographs to see who she was sitting next to! With regard to the photographs, I'm afraid they are a bit dark and also not very flattering. I must remember not to take photos of people when they are eating - it's a bit difficult to smile when you've a mouthful of sweet and sour pork. So apologies to all. Following the meal in true Essex tradition the guests tried their best to work the calories off by adventuring onto the disco floor - at least the ladies did.

Pearl holds up a card signifying her milestone birthday

The table of guests stretches off into the gloom

That's a bit better we can see Elaine now

The other end - its always hard to pick out George

John extracts a spring roll from his nose and Linda tries not to notice

Cliff smiles bravely in spite of the horrendous injury to his little pinky

Pearl, Jennifer and Bryn tuck in

Derrick and Shelagh show off their skill with chopsticks

Interrupt my eating with that camera again and I'll shove it up your a---.

Don and Colin also show off their skills with the oversized toothpicks whilst Yvonne makes better progress with a fork

Present at this years bash were: Don & Margaret, Colin & Elaine, Cliff & Yvonne, John & Linda, George & Shelagh, Les and Pearl, Wally & Val, Dave, Tom & Doll, Derrick & Bryn and Roy & Jennifer 

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