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   Latest News (as at 18th September 2012) 

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September 18th

Just coming up to our last event of the year and traditionally it is Battlesbridge once again. 8 places have been booked and so far 6 have been taken up. We are also looking for volunteers to set the club pitch up on any day from Tuesday 25 to Saturday the 29th.


August 21st   

Jen and I are now living in chaos in our new home but progress is being made we now have hot water and lights! and our land line (01702 469896) and broadband are up and running. MORE IMPORTANTLY here is a note about KNEBWORTH. The 8 tickets I paid for have not arrived. Greenwoods admit it is their error and have arranged that when you turn up at the event just say you are in the Panther club and you will be admitted free of charge.


August 15th

WE ARE MOVING!  Jen and I are moving house on the 17th August. Our new telephone land line will probably be 01702 469896 but if that fails try my mobile 07765046682. I don't expect to have a Broadband connection up and running until Tuesday 21st August. We are moving from a fairly large 4 bedroom house to a reasonably sized garage with a smallish 2 bedroom bungalow attached so I expect the next few weeks to be chaos.


July 2012

July 6th        SHORT NOTICE EVENT   We have been invited to attend the Porsche Club GB Essex Area's BBQ on the evening of Tuesday 10th July. See our events page for more information.

June 2012

June 29th   The premium for our Public Liability Insurance arranged via Footman James is 157.50 and our club funds stand at 62.15, which is a shortfall of 95.35. Collecting contributions throughout the season is probably impracticable, so what I propose is the following. I will pay the shortfall and following the last event covered by the policy (i.e. after Barleylands) invoice individuals according to the number of events they have attended during the life of the current policy  i.e. 14/07/2011 to 13/07/2012. I've done a rough count and the total number of attendances will be around 80, so the amount to be paid for each attendance will be about 1.20. Consequently if you have, say, attended 8 events during the life of the policy you would owe 9.60. What do you think, is this a good idea?      No response to this question will be taken as a "Yes".    Remember without PLI we cannot attend events as a club and some events (such as Helmingham Hall) state that they want to see evidence that the club is covered.


June 26th  Just three tickets left for Maldon now. Be sure  to look at the Events page regularly. We have a club stand booked at the popular Help for Heroes Event at Faversham and as yet no takers. Annabelle Mammen has informed me of an interesting day out in October -- have a look at the events page it is not a classic car show, but a historic motor racing occasion..

June 18th
Of the 8 tickets we have been allocated by the CVCM for the Classics on the Promemade at Maldon on July 1st  I have 5 left. If you are in contact with any other Panther owners give them a reminder. This looks like being a very good event AND IT IS FREE!

June 5th.

Entries for events are very slow coming through. It could be that some are being booked directly with Colin Moles of the CVCM. If that is the case please let me know. Currently, I have no entries down for Picnic In the Park (June 17th), Whitstable (June 23rd) and only 3 for Old Buckenham  (June 24th). However, I still have to have confirmation from the organisers of this last event that there will be space for us.

Our club's public liability insurance (PLI) runs out on the 13th July 2012 and renewal will cost around 130. Currently we have 62.15 in the club funds. Money raised from those attending events was supposed to make up the shortfall, This is not happening at present. We will not be eligible to attend events as a club without PLI. Any suggestions? Barleylands is the last event that will be covered under the current policy. 

May 2012
May 12th          Its a sad but inevitable day, Jen and I have sold our Kallista. The good news is that it has been bought by a couple from Kent so it is remaining in this country! No doubt many of you will recognise it at future meetings. I'm sure the new owners will enjoy it as much as we have.


April 30th 2012

The trickle hasn't become a flood and the entries for events in 2012 have, so far been a disappointment. If matters don't improve it will hardly be worth booking a club stand at several events.


March 2012

Entries for the events of 2012 are beginning to trickle in and hopefully this trickle will soon become a flood!

Panther owners have been invited as guests of honour at the Les Sables d'Olone rally in Brittany. This is the 5th such rally which celebrates British prestige cars. This year the marque being celebrated is Panther. The event is  from the 22nd and 23rd September, with an optional extra 3 days in Morbihan.  If anyone is interested please contact Roy Biddle for more details.

February 2012

Feb 27th.

The PCC have once again invited us to join them at their Grand Gathering at Brooklands in September (see the events page). It is once again a milestone year in Panther history and several Panther anniversaries will be celebrated at this event.

Feb. 26th

Jennifer and I have reluctantly made the decision to sell our Kallista. It will be sad, there are so many memories associated with it, but we think we just have to face up to the fact that it is no longer practical for us. We haven't totally given up on "open top" motoring yet and have bought an Alfa Romeo Spider (08) with big wide doors and seats that are normal saloon car height and  consequently easy to get in and out of. Anyone want to buy a Kallista? Sorry now sold 12/05/12!


The Panther Enthusiasts Club UK
January 2012

January 8th    Nigel Plunkett has sent me more pictures of our French Trip to Honfleur, which have now been added to the Honfleur web page accessible via Albums.

Footman James (Public Liability Ins. Broker) has sent me a cheque for 26.50 as they overcharged us on our last renewal. Unfortunately, it is made out to Panther Enthusiasts Club UK and currently we do not have a bank account. I will set up a bank account to pay the cheque into and transfer the 35.65 the club has in one of my otherwise unused accounts, into it. This makes the total club funds 62.15 which is just under half the cost of our annual public liability insurance (PLI) premium. This premium is due for payment in July and I suggest that in order to make up the shortfall, we charge those attending each event 1. This way those benefitting from the PLI  protection on the most occasions pay the most. Let me know what you think. 


January 1st 2012

I've been re-thinking the way we will book events during 2012. It is going to get very complicated with the various events being organised by different people and perhaps it would be easier if I continue to act as Event Secretary. The organisations who are putting on the events already have me down as the club's contact and advise me of the forthcoming events (see the 2012 events page).  I also have the envelopes (bequeathed by George & Shelagh), computer paper (donated by Dennis & Pauline Power) and everyone's address. I'm also the Footman James contact for the Public Liability Insurance (expires July 2012).
Consequently, If nobody objects, I'll book the places, initially pay for the tickets and distribute them to the individuals attending the events. What I cannot do is guarantee that I will be at any of the events in fact I will probably be at very few. The presence of the Club banner and /or gazebo will have to be organised by others.

What I need is for Panther owners to regularly look at the events page and advise me in good time of their wish to attend any of the listed events. Additionally if you would like an event to be added to the 2012 Events page, just forward the details to me.

November 26th

Our Christmas get together this year was held at The New Times in Tiptree, a venue we have used before when Don & Margaret Scriven were organising things. This year's event was organised by Cliff and Yvonne Benton and a highly successful one it was too. Nineteen people attended to enjoy the excellent carvery of either turkey, beef or pork or all three if you so desired. It was remarkable that all 19 people were from the Essex |Area. Why Essex remains such a strong county for Panther owners I don't know. Could it be because they were built in Harlow?

During dinner we briefly discussed the 2012 season and events that we wished to attend and we had a volunteer to organise the Helmingham Hall event which was so popular this year. Mark volunteered his wife Collette for the task. We are now looking forward to further members being volunteered for "duty". John Deed and Peter Heales have already stepped forward to organise the French Trip. However, because of the price of things in France now, there is a hint it may turn out to be in Anglais.

Kicking off the festive season at the New Times were; Mark & Collette Kingswell,  Peter & Leigh Heales, Mick & Sandie Bailey,  Colin & Sue Addison, Dave Turner, Tony & Jan Appleby, Gary & Parrissa Bush, John & Linda Deed, Roy & Jennifer Biddle and the organisers Cliff & Yvonne Benton.



Note about the 2012 Season.

Jennifer's worsening health problems made the 2011 season a difficult one for us and we feel that we can no longer guarantee that we would be able to fulfil any commitments in the 2012 season. Consequently, the organisation of the events for the 2012 season will have to carried out by others. Most of the members who have attended events throughout 2011 are already aware of this, understand the reasons why and some are already stepping forward to take a share of the organisation.  I have offered to continue to maintain the web pages and in particular the events page, which in the absence of a club magazine is our most convenient means of communication. However, I will only include event write ups and photographs if they are fed to me. (See comments about Battlesbridge below).

I think the days of Jennifer accompanying me in the Panther are now over.  She now finds it very difficult to get into the Kallista and once in cannot be sure she will have the strength to get out. As a consequence, I don't know what to do about my Kallista. As much as I love it, I think it may have to go and be replaced by a modern convertible so that we can still enjoy top down motoring together. Please note - that should probably read "so that I can persuade her to continue to endure top down motoring".

I have enjoyed my stint as the main organiser of matters for the club and thank you all for making it so rewarding.


October 20th

The Battlesbridge event on Sunday the 25th September, was by all accounts a very good event this year, with decent weather and even more cars than before. (good weather always helps). Another commitment meant that Jennifer and I could not attend this year, so I was relying upon others for photographs and a write up. Unfortunately neither have been forthcoming and consequently the event currently remains unreported. I will gladly update the web should this situation change.



September 13th  We arrived back from the French Trip yesterday after another very enjoyable long week end away in the cars. A web page is partially completed and is accessible via Albums. The page will be updated with further photographs as they are received.

September 7th  We're off on the French Trip  -- Yippee!

September 4th.  The PEC once more supported the RSPCA Gala day at Millbrook. Photos and brief write can be accessed via Albums.



August 31st    Jen & I have just arrived back off holiday and catching up with things. Peter Heales has proved that he is as old as he looks by identifying "Reg", but he hasn't yet given me the link between the bicycle and "Reg" so there is still a chance for someone to pip him to the bottle of wine. (see the last picture of the Rougham write up, accessed via Albums). Peter has also corrected me about the "Mustang's screaming engines" apparently the scream comes from air entering the planes gun ports.

August 20th    Jen and I will be away on holiday until the 31st August, so will not be available to book you on any events until then. However, 10 places have been booked for the RSPCA Day at The Millbrook Animal Centre in Chobham on September 4th. So far interest in this event has been sluggish (to date just 4 cars booked in). Rally round folks we've our usual privileged spot against the hedge. It won't look very good if we only have 4 cars on show! Email me in my absence if you want to attend.

August 16th    I've just been notified by Yahoo, who host our PEC web site, that from September this year, they will no longer support Microsoft's Front Page software, which I use to maintain the PEC web site. What the consequences of this will be I don't yet know, but there could possibly be problems accessing our site after that date.

August 14th

12 Panthers attended the Rougham Classic Car and Air Show at Rougham in Suffolk. It was another very good day out topped off by "tea and cakes" at John & Linda Deed's beautiful home. Write up and photos now accessible via Albums.

August 7th  Under the heading of "10 perfect French Villages", the Sunday Times wrote "It is hard to credit today, but this whimsical little settlement of half timbered inns and curio shops not far from Rouen, is where the future of England was plotted and schemed. A millennium ago William of Normandy warmed up for Hastings by chasing boar through the forest - 40 square miles of the grandest beech wood in Europe, pitted with romantic abbeys now begging to be biked and hiked. L------ -- ------ makes a bewitching base, its lopsided 18th century market hall busy every weekend with cider-farmers peddling calvados, camembert and other Norman nibbles"
But we already knew this. Two of our French trips have been based here. The village they are talking about is Lyon-La-Foret

August 7th

We had a great day out at Helm ingham Hall in Suffolk. The weather was not bad, there was a strong and chilly wind and the clouds threatened every so often, but the rain held off until about 3:30 when it fell for about 10 minutes. I'm sure we will be back next year at this attractive venue. Pictures are now posted and can be viewed via Albums.


July 2011

July 21st       Four car had an eventful Sunday drive out to Mersea Island for lunch on the 17th. We managed to dodge the rain until about 3pm and then there was absolutely no question as to whether hoods would be up or down! I hope to include a small write up and a few photos (supplied by Mark Kingswell) in the near future.  Good news for those of you who are going to Rougham on the 14th August, John and Linda have invited all back to their lovely home at nearby Harleston after the event for "tea, cakes and drinks". Something not to be missed.

July 13th      The Helen Rollason event on the 24th July has once again been cancelled as far as a classic car event is concerned as what little space there was for cars has been taken up.

July 10th      19 Cars were at the very popular Sporting bears event at Kimbolton on Sunday. A web page for the event has been added to Albums. More photographs will probably follow once I've processed those sent to me by Alec and Nigel.

July 4th       Changes have been made to the events page,  new events have been added 17th July and 21st August and the Cressing event on the 24th July has been reinstated. See the events page for details.


June 2011

June 30th    One of the couples booked on the French Trip has had to "pull out" consequently there is now one place available.

June 19th    I've just renewed our public liability insurance. This covers us from July 2011 to July 2012. A photo of the invoice is printed below. The club now has 35.65 funds remaining.

June 13th  We attended the CVCM Classic Car Show in Weald Park near Brentford on Sunday 12th June. The weather was not kind to either the organisers or exhibitors on the Sunday, but it was nice to "catch up" with those who endured the day. A small write up and pictures can be viewed via Albums.

Les Pratt continues to make a good recovery from his stroke and has been given the OK to start driving again.

May 2011

29th May 2011   If you look at the events page you will notice that 3 events that we thought the CVCM were supporting have been cancelled. We assumed that as the CVCM listed the events on their events list that they would be attending and we decided we would support them. However, that does not appear to be the case hence the cancellations.

24th May 2011   Nine couples enjoyed a weekend in their cars in the sunshine and scenery of Suffolk. A write up of the event can now be viewed via Albums.

9th May - The Suffolk weekend information packs were sent out today by 2nd class mail to the 10 couples attending the event. If you don't receive yours by the end of the week please contact me.

Arrangements for the Suffolk Weekend should be finalised by the 9th May and I will be sending out the information packs the same week. Wouldn't it be great if we experience weather similar to that which we currently have.

April 2011

30th April  We had seven cars on display at Herne Bay's Classic car & Bike Show. We once again enjoyed great weather although out of the shelter of the towns streets it was extremely blustery. A write up and photographs have been included on a web page accessed via ALBUMS.

24th April   Five cars from the Essex area went on the CCVC & CVCM's Charity Fun Run from Brentwood to Audley End. There were getting on for 200 cars of all shapes, sizes and ages on this event, which aided by the weather was a great day out. A write up with photographs is has just been posted.

Fancy a weekend in Holland? Take a look at May on the events page.

13/04/11  The RSPCA Millbrook Centre at Chobham has just invited us to once again display our cars at their Gala Day on September 4th. See the events page.

March 2011

For those of you who are awaiting news of the Suffolk week end, I 've drawn up the routes and have tested one. I expect to get the information out to you by the end of April. The original deadline of this event was the 31st of March, but after having a talk with the Bell Hotel, this has now been extended to the 30th April.

On the Panthering front not a lot has been happening. A few names have been added to the "Who's Going" list and Jen and I have had a nice weekend in Honfleur sorting out a couple of drives for the September trip. Other than that it has been a quiet period. Les has been at home now for a few weeks and is continuing to make good progress. Let's hope we will see him back in the Panther sometime this year.


February 2011

19th February.

I'm pleased to tell you that after a set back with a sickness bug that affected the whole hospital Les is continuing to make a good recovery and is now up and making a few tentative steps up and down the corridor of the hospital. Les and  Pearl would like to thank all who sent their good wishes which were greatly appreciated. Les received 42 cards wishing him a speedy recovery.

On the events front we have once again been invited to join the PCC at their Grand Gathering in September. This year it is in Derbyshire. A brief entry appears on our events page, but for the full details follow the link to the PCC Events page.

10th February.
I am sorry to tell you that Les Pratt has suffered a stroke and is currently in hospital. The good news is that he is making a speedy recovery. However, he will be in hospital for a few weeks yet. We hope that he continues to make good progress and that it won't be long before he is once again out and about with us all.

January 2011

There is now a link from our Events section of the "Home" page to the Panther Car Club Ltd's (PCC) Events 2011 page and in a similar manner there will be a link from the PCC's events page to ours. We are invited to join them at any of their events and likewise they are invited to attend ours. It is hoped that this co-operation between the two clubs will re-acquaint us with old friends, introduce us to new and with possibly increased numbers at the various shows further promote the Panther marque.

December 2010

The Wessex and Essex areas had their Christmas dinners as you would expect during the month and a few photos now appear on their respective area pages. With regard to the future a few more 2011 event dates have been firmed up. Those CVCM events where the only contact is Colin Moles are not events where the PEC plans to attend as a club. If you want to attend any of these contact Colin and make your own individual arrangements. Any CVCM event where the contact is Roy Biddle,  we plan to attend as a club.

November 2010

With the 2010 Panthering season at an end thoughts inevitably dwell on "what are we going to do next year?". My initial thoughts are that we will try an do a few different events. We've never done the Bromley Pageant and Helmingham Hall in Suffolk has been recommended to us and another weekend away in this country I think would be popular. Consequently, even at this early stage two definite events appear on our 2011 events calendar. A Suffolk weekend  over the 20th,21st and 22nd May and Helmingham Hall. See our new 2011 events page for details.

October 2010.

October 10th.        Seven cars enjoyed a scenic drive via country lanes to Burnham on Crouch. A write up and photos can be viewed via Albums.

September 2010

September 26th          10 cars attended the Battlesbridge Grand Motorbilia day in weather which was a great contrast to last year. A short write up and photographs can be viewed via Albums.

September 8th to 13th   10 cars went on the annual "French Trip" to the Domaine St. Paul near Lyons la Foret and enjoyed a great weekend in sunny weather. Pictures and write up can be viewed via Albums.

September 4th and 5th  It was a busy week end with 2 events being attended, the PCC's Grand Gathering and the RSPCA Gala day at Chobham. Write ups of both events can now be viewed via Albums.

August 2010

August 29th.     6 cars attended the originally unplanned Knebworth Classic Car Show on the August Bank Holiday Monday. A full write up of the day is not yet complete, but a few photos can be viewed via Albums

August 14/15th .  13 Panthers attended the Rougham combined air and classic car show, near Bury St. Edmunds and once again we were not disappointed. It was a great show. The write up and photographs can now be viewed via Albums.

August 8th. - 4 Cars attended the enjoyable Help for Heroes event at Faversham Kent. A brief write up and a few photographs are viewable via Albums. 

George and Shelagh's daughter Olivia has been promoted and now works at the RSPCA facility at Great Ayton near Middlesborough. She has asked if we know of any Classic car owners who would be willing to support the Great Ayton Gala Day on the 5th September. If you live within reasonable travelling distance why not give her a hand with her fund raising efforts? See the events page for more detail.


July 18th  Saw us at the Sporting Bears event at Kimbolton. Our attendance at the event was arranged by Nigel Plunkett and for the first time we shared a stand with the PCC. It was a successful arrangement and popular with all who attended. Web page of the event now accessible via Albums. There were 17 cars on show, which would have been 20 if car problems and family commitments hadn't intervened.

Alec Bradshaw has worked his magic again and the clubs coffers are richer by another 87. All that now remains of the regalia that George and Shelagh left us is a few posters. Well done Alec I think you missed your true vocation in life. 


June 2010.

We have just had confirmation from the RSPCA that 10 places are reserved for us at their centre at Millbrook Chobham. We will be in our usual position so I'll remind all who attend nearer the time to "watch your exhaust."

I've just discovered that the RSPCA Fun Day event on Sunday July 4th has been cancelled as far as Classic Cars are concerned. An event at Matching Green has been put on the events page to replace it. Due to the short notice, I will be ringing around to see if anyone is interested.

Seven cars attended the Audley End Classic car Show on Sunday 20th June and the 14 people thoroughly enjoyed the day and a great venue that we haven't been to for some years. A write up and photographs can be viewed via Albums.

The club will be renewing its 2010/2011 public liability insurance this month at a cost of 131.25 and the good news is that there is sufficient in the club funds to meet the following  years (2011/2012) premium as well. After that we will have to do some fund raising.

Two events in June have taken place Beale Park and The Picnic in the Park both on the 6th June. Write ups and photographs of both events are now viewable via Albums.

May 2010

Jennifer and I are off on holiday between 26th May and 11th June, consequently I will not be available to answer your calls or emails during that period. If you want to reserve your place on the 6th or 20th June events please contact me before the 26th. 

Well early May events have certainly not enjoyed the good weather we had in April. I hope this isn't a repeat of last year. If you remember we had a blazing April and then a rotten summer as regards weather. Still cars have come out of hibernation and the numbers putting their names down for events is growing. Keep your eyes on the events page and "Who's Going"

In particular there are still tickets available for Picnic in the Park on June 6th. Jen and I are going on 2 weeks holiday at the end of May so get your request in quickly so that I can get the tickets sent out before we go. 

April 2010

The Panther Car Club Limited's Grand Gathering is a special one this year as it is their 30th anniversary. It is being held at Brooklands near where the whole Panther story started. In order to get as many Panthers as possible at this historic landmark year event they have invited us to join them. If you are interested in going please contact me (Roy Biddle) and I will compile a list that I will forward on to the PCC. See our events page for the date and a little more detail.

April 25th.  Peter Heales (in his Kallista!), Dave Turner and I  took part along with 162 other cars in the CCVC (Charity Classic Vehicles Club) Drive It Day Event, which took us from Brentwood to Dedham via the old A12. It was a great event and in spite of the number of cars taking part it was a great success. A write up and a few photos will be posted soon.

We have just enjoyed the first event of the season and looking forward to the next on April 25th. The first weekend in May is also very busy with 2 events, Herne Bay and Woburn Abbey. Tickets for these are still available so take a look at the 2010 Events page for further details.

A cry of help. Dennis and Pauline Power have lost their PEC badge from their badge bar. Anyone out there able to help them with a replacement. Meanwhile I'll make enquiries to see how much it would cost to get a few made.


March 2010.

March 24th  Some amendments have been made to previously listed events and another interesting one added (Woburn Abbey May 2nd). We have applied for 10 tickets for the Audley End event and will do this in preference to the Hylands Park event which is on the same day.

Please note that the date of the French Trip in September has been changed. The change has been made so that regulars on the PEC French Trip  who also belong to the PCC can attend both the PCC Special Anniversary Grand Gathering and the PEC French Trip.

February 2010.

Most of you will be familiar with our token Ferrari. Peter and Leigh have been supporting our events for quite some time now and Peter's immaculate 308 is almost invariably either parked on the end or is the last one in the convoy. He still has the Ferrari but he has now bought a very nice 2.8 Kallista to go with the Panther "T" shirt he bought at Rougham last August. It's a lot of money to spend to justify buying a "T" shirt. Little did Alec realise that his forceful regalia sales action would result in another Panther in the line up. Glad you've seen sense Peter, I'm not sure Leigh will be as delighted as we are!  

Events for 2010 are beginning to flow in and we look forward  to some sunny outings in our cars. The number of places we require at most of these events have to be booked and paid for in advance and because I know some members will leave it until the last minute to book I often have to guess how many tickets we will need. However, I sometimes guess wrongly, which results in either someone being disappointed or the club wasting money on unused tickets. It would be appreciated if members would take a good look at the events page and book their place early. However, if you do decide at the last minute that you wish to go to an event, don't be put off ringing to see if there are any spare tickets. As I said I don't always guess right! 

December 2009

December the month of Christmas Dinner celebrations. The Essex, Wessex and New Forest areas held their annual festive dinners.

November 2009.

The database has been rebuilt on another web hosting site and I've taken the chance to simplify the way you move around it. All the previous write-ups and pictures are still present, but movement around the various pages is now via an Index on the Home page. I was able to choose a new domain name for the new site and I was pleased to see that "pantherenthusiasts" was available. Consequently, there are now two ways to get onto the PEC web sites. You can either log on via the main web site and link through to the events pages, or key "" and link through to the main and George's web site.


October 2009

October 31st
Take a look at the Events page. Area Christmas dinners and a November "lunch" run have been added to the 2009 list.

October 16th.    My web site host is closing on October 26th and I will be moving all files and photographs to a new site, consequently you may have difficulty accessing the web pages for a while. Tools are being provided to enable this migration, I just hope they work as easily as they say they will. Watch this space - if you can!

October 8th.  I've just received an email from Dave Turner. After leaving us in Belgium, he only just made it to Bordeaux. The water in his radiator was continuously boiling over,  due he has since discovered to 2 cracked cylinder heads. He is now awaiting 2 replacement heads to be shipped out to France. we wish him luck.

October 8th

Wessex Area Christmas dinner see events page.

October 8th

Here we go again! Apparently the Forum set up by Nicholas Woodward is not open to all. George Newell thought it was a good idea, registered and entered a couple of postings, was promptly barred and his postings removed. This is regrettable as George's knowledge of Panther cars is second to none. However, George thinks the Forum is a good idea, agrees with Nicholas Woodward that it was well overdue and in order to contribute has set up a Forum on his site, from which nobody is banned - . As usual it is the ordinary members who suffer. In order to tap into all sources of knowledge on the cars we will have to post our questions twice!  

September 2009

September 29th

I have recently received an email from a Nicholas Woodward who has set up a Panther Forum, which is open to everyone interested in Panthers. His aim is to provide a vehicle by which Panther matters can be discussed and solutions to Panthering problems resolved. Access to the site is absolutely free, but you have to register before you can access or contribute to the information on the site. The web address of the site is

September 27th. Ten cars (18 people) attended our last event of the season i.e. The annual Grand Motorbilia Day at Battlesbridge near Chelmsford Essex. In respect of the number of cars on show it was a huge event (bigger than Knebworth) and once again it was held in glorious late |September sunshine. A write up and photographs can be accessed via Albums.

September 16th   Ten cars (19 people) have just returned from a very enjoyable trip to the Belgian Ardennes. Everything went without a hitch and all cars performed without problems. Photographs and a write up are now accessible via Albums.

September 6th.  RSPCA Gala Day. This very enjoyable sociable event was attended by 8 cars. We had good weather, good eats and good company. See Albums for write up and pictures.

August 2009

August 30/31   Members of the club attended two 2 day events over the Bank Holiday. The Classic Car Show at Romsey, Hampshire and the one at Knebworth near Stevenage, Herts. The write up for the Knebworth event is now available via Albums. A write up for the Romsey show is also present.

Regalia:  Alec Bradshaw has been very successful in selling the Regalia passed on to us by George and Shelagh and 100 has been added to the clubs funds. However, this means that many of the items originally listed under the Regalia page (see above) may no longer be available. The list has now been updated to show what remains. 

August 16th  We attended one of the highlight events of 2009, with 14 cars on display. It was a good show with an air display that exceeded expectations. The exceedingly pleasant day was rounded off at John and Linda's delightful country home. A write up and photos from the event can be accessed via Albums or Events.

August 9th   4 cars made the trip to the Help for Heroes event at Faversham Kent. Photos and a brief write up can be accessed via Albums

August 5th   About 70 Classic Cars attended the CVCM Classics by the Sea event. Unfortunately only one was a Panther. Photographs of the more interesting vehicles there can be found via Albums.

July 2009

July 20th.  On Sunday the 19th we attended the Annual Sporting Bears Charity show at Kimbolton. It was the usual big event, but the terrible weather put a bit of a damper on proceedings. A write up and photos came be accessed via Albums.

July 10th.  When George & Shelagh "retired" to Spain, there was a small amount of regalia items left over. George has had Olivia gather this together and Alec Bradshaw has collected it with a view to selling it cheaply via the club's web site. Alec and Mary have prepared a list of what is there and this can now be viewed on the Regalia page. As George said "don't get too excited there is not a lot there", but the sale of what little there is will go some way to meeting any future expenditure we may incur.

Alec has also booked us 10 spaces at  the annual RSPCA day at Chobham on September 6th. I understand we will have our usual pitch at this popular show. See the events page for contact details.

June 2009

June 23rd.    The club has just renewed its Public Liability Insurance with Footman James. George has also made sufficient funds available to pay the 2010 premium, but some other source of funding will be necessary for the 2011 renewal.

We have decided to drop the Hedingham Castle event and concentrate on the Battlesbridge event a week later. Contact Roy Biddle if you wish to go to this event. (see the events page)

Please note the new link to Regalia above.

June 19th.

Another page has been added as a link from the Events page to answer the question I'm always asked "Who's Going". Just click on the link near the top of the Events page and it will take you to a list of the future events and who has put their names down to go.

We have just attended our second event in June. The first was Beale Park near Reading and the second was The Picnic in the Park at South Weald near Brentwood in Essex. The Beale Park event was a low key event as far as the PEC was concerned , with just 2 cars attending. The Picnic in the Park was an entirely different affair with 13 cars due to attend. The write up for both events can be accessed via Albums.

A 3rd June event is planned for the 28th  see the Events Page.

May 2009

May 18th.

Monday May 18th marked the end of the North Norfolk weekend. The weather could have been better but the whole event was a resounding success. Our congratulations and thanks firstly go to John and Sue Gibson for making such a good job of organising it and secondly to the 25 people (13 cars) who thoroughly mixed in and enjoyed themselves. Hundreds of photographs were taken and the web page for the event can be accessed via Albums.

Just 4 cars made the journey to Herne bay for their Classic Car and Bike Show, but they were rewarded with very good weather and the now familiar format of parking around the "closed" streets of the town. Photos of the event taken by Alex Bradshaw appear in Albums.

April 2009.

We have just attended the successful "National Drive It Day" charity event at Hylands House Chelmsford. The weather was unexpectedly good and the venue ideal.  Photos and a write up are present in Albums.

We now look forward to Herne Bay on May 2nd and the Norfolk weekend later in the month.

March 2009.

The season is about to start in earnest and the number of members booking to go on the various events is rising. Lets hope we have some decent weather to go with the renewed enthusiasm.

On the 14th March, together with the Chelmer Valley Car Meet and the Charity Classic Car Club we had a very enjoyable outing to The Brooklands Museum and Mercedes World. Around 20 cars made the journey of which 7 belonged to PEC members. Pictures and a brief write up can be viewed via Albums. 



February 2009.

Peter Heales and I have just returned from the Belgian Ardennes where we looked at the region's suitability for our annual "French" trip. We checked out three daily tours and suitable hotels and have given the whole area the "thumbs up". Consequently, we have booked 12 rooms at our type of hotel and look forward to the drives we have planned and the evenings in the restaurant and bar. However, in order to get 12 rooms in a suitable hotel we have had to move the date of the trip back a week.  See the events page for more details.

January 2009.

Happy New Year to you all, we hope you all had a great festive season and are enjoying this period of "Global Warming" that is currently with us. The Wessex Area's Christmas Dinner was a resounding success, good food, venue and it goes without saying good company. It was especially nice to have Pam Stone with us.

Work has started on setting up the PEC events calendar for 2009. It is probably already too full and there are likely to be further events yet to come from the Wessex area. Whether all of these remain in the events calendar really depends on which events the members tend to favour. Two events on the same day or consecutive weeks are not necessarily a bad thing if they are in different areas. Early feed back on the events calendar's contents would be appreciated

Our first event of the year, the Breakfast Run on the 4th January run by the Chelmer Valley Car Meet, was a little disappointing, in that because of the very cold weather, a number of people chose to come in their everyday cars. Needless to say the few PEC members were in their "classics" and Peter Heales even had his roof off.

The black and yellow Mk1 Lima rescued from under a tarpaulin in November is running and most of the problems now seem to be cosmetic. 

November 2008

As you would expect for this time of the year there is not a great deal of activity other than perhaps organising Christmas Dinners. The Wessex area are having their dinner on the 2nd December at their new regular meeting venue of The Anchor at Wisley. However, there is good news of another Mk 1 Lima being hauled out from under a tarpaulin for restoration. It has been standing out in the open for about 6 years, but amazingly doesn't seem to have suffered too much. Hopefully, we will be able to persuade the new owner to give us regular updates and photos of the restoration progress so that we can pass on the news via these web pages.

Have you looked at George & Shelagh's AMARILLO page showing photographs of their new Spanish home. They certainly haven't been lonely. As you will see there has been a steady stream of PEC members finding their way to their villa.

We are starting to "populate" the club's EVENT calendar for 2009. There is already a few definite events posted, including an exciting Norfolk weekend and a few other very "probables" listed. If you want to add to the list please do, by either emailing or telephoning me (Roy Biddle).

 September 2008

There were just two events in September but both these were by recent standards quite big. Twelve cars went on the French Trip  to Coucy Le Chateau (5 from Essex) and 11 cars attended the Battlesbridge event (6 from Essex). Both were extremely enjoyable and were a great way to round off the season. Time now to fettle those cars for next year - roll on the Spring. Members have already suggested ideas for events in 2009 and there is a strong possibility of a weekend away in this country. 

August 2008

It was a quiet month for the Essex Area with just the Chelmer Valley evening meeting being attended by one car and a decision being made to not to attend the "Its Show Time" event on the 17th . However, the Wessex area organised a visit to the excellent Romsey Pageant of Motoring which provided an opportunity to have good day out. In spite of the distance from Essex, we have, in the past, had several Essex cars at this event, but this year just one Essex car attended.

The monthly meetings at The Lodge seem to be catching on with several couples now turning up on the last Thursday of the month for a regular nogging and natter.

July 2008

Sunday 20th

The club after an absence of 3 years, once again attended the Sporting Bears charity event at Kimbolton. The weather was kind to us and the show a great success. It was bigger than ever and if you arrived at anytime after 10am you were lucky if you didn't have to queue for an hour to get in. A short write up and photographs can be accessed via either  Wessex Albums or events page.

Sunday 13th

Three PEC cars attended the Essex Classic Motor Show at Barleylands near Billericay, where with the organiser's blessing we shared a pitch with the newly formed Essex Panther Sports Car Club. The weather was once again kind to us and it wasn't a bad event. However, our presence was not welcomed by a few of the new club's members and this spoilt what would have otherwise been a successful day.  Nevertheless, a few photographs are available to look at via the Albums or Events page. 

June 2008

The main event for PEC members this month has been the Late Spring Drive. This event toured the picturesque North Kent countryside south of Westerham and finished at Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill. A brief write up and photographs appear in Albums.

May 2008

This was a very quiet month for the PEC as there were no events in the PEC calendar. Let's hope June is a more active month!

April 2008

We have just attended our first event of 2008 which was the Manningtree High School Vehicle Show. 10 Panthers were on show, which was good considering the weather which was cold and misty. The knowledgeable compere in the arena did sterling work describing the various cars parading past him and there were certainly some gorgeous cars on display. The sun did come out eventually enabling some to put their hoods down on the way home. Our thanks go to Mark & Collette for organising our presence at the event. However, in deference to 4 members present who have resigned from the PEC there will not be a full write up or pictures of this event on the web (see below).

It is regret that we report the resignation of four members of the PEC who have left to start their own club specifically for Essex members only. The most significant resignations are those of Don & Margaret Scriven who have been the Essex Area organisers for the last 11 years. The PEC will miss their involvement and ways are being investigated how both their new club and the PEC can interact in the future. How responsibilities for the Essex Area of the PEC are to be shared out amongst the remaining PEC members is still to be decided. 


February/March 2008

Normally this would be a quiet period with just the monthly meetings to attend and cars to get ready for the start of the season. However, with George and Shelagh taking a well earned break and setting up their new home in Spain, there is much talk about how the club will, and should, run in their absence. Fortunately, a few individuals have stepped forward and have taken on the responsibility of organising some events. There are now several events listed in the 2008 events page and I dare say there are more to come.  


December 2007/January 2008

This was an extremely sad period for the club. Two well known members of the club died during this time. Dave Stone and Colin Wigham. Dave was a long time member who lived in Bracknell. He originally owned a Kallista, but bought a Rio in order to keep Panthering, when arthritis made driving the Kallista painful. No "Open Day" was complete without his homemade sausages. Colin was a very active, larger than life member of our Essex area. Always the life and sole of the party, he and his wife, Elaine, were strong supporters of virtually every event. He will be greatly missed and never forgotten. His peg leg car parking attendant impersonation and his Basil Fawlty berating of his Lima when things started falling off it are part of Panthering folklore. 

October 2007

Eight members of the Essex Area attended a joint meeting with the TVR Club at Great Totham on Sunday the 14th October. Those attending were rewarded with a glorious weather and a fine meal. To see Margaret Scriven's short write up and pictures go to Albums.

September 2007

16th September. 9 Essex Area member cars and Les and Pearl  from Hampshire attended this first ever Classic Car Show at Hedingham Castle at Hedingham in Essex. It was a great new event and we look forward to returning there next year. A write up and photographs appear in Albums.

Sept. 5th/10th - Seven Essex Area members were among the 21 people who went on the French Trip to Lyons la Foret in Northern Normandy. It was a very popular trip, only 3 hours from Calais and in beautiful undulating, heavily wooded and dramatic countryside. Photographs and descriptions appear in Albums.

Sept 2nd RSPCA Day Chobham Surrey. The Essex Area once again attended this popular event. Of the 13 cars on display 7 were from the Essex Area. Pictures of the event are present in ALBUMS.

August 2007.

26th/27th August - Essex Area members were again out in force for the Hampshire Pageant of Motoring at Broadlands in Romsey Hampshire. Some even camped out with George and Shelagh to attend both days. 22 cars were present on Sunday and another 6 on Monday. Others made a long weekend of it and took in the delights of the New Forest and the south coast whilst they were in the area. It was a good event, in good weather for a change. Some pictures are in Albums as well as in the main report in George's web site.

For Althorne Little Haven's Hospice "It's Show Time" Event, on the 19th, the weather was again abysmal. Nevertheless, there was a turnout of 13 cars, including those stalwarts Les & Pearl and George & Shelagh from deepest Hampshire. The weather failed to dampen our spirits and the day was rounded of nicely by a great spread of food back at Mark & Collette's house. Photos of the event in Albums.

The 13th to 15th August and I was in France in the Panther making the final arrangements for the September French trip to Lyons la Foret in Normandy.

5th August - following the Sunday meet at the White Hart the group drove out to the Tiptree Jam Factory

July 2007.

On the 14th and 15th July we were booked to display the cars at the Aldershot Show, but so dire was the weather forecast and so strict are the rules regarding the movement of cars whilst the show is on, it was decided not to attend. Once in we would have been stuck there for two days, no matter what the weather was like.

On July 1st we drove out to Colchester Zoo. Once again the weather was poor. So poor in fact that some faint hearted members came in their tin tops. In spite of the weather we enjoyed ourselves and managed to get all of our members out without too much trouble.

June 2007.

June 17th saw 6 cars from the Essex Area attending the Picnic in the Park classic car show near Brentwood in Essex.

June 3rd The Essex Area were again out in strength supporting the Woking Hospice Classic Car Show

May 2007.

Over the period of May 17th to 21st Jennifer and I accepted Tony and Sue's invitation to a Panther weekend in the Lake District. Fortunately the abysmal weather brightened enough for us to get in some beautiful drives throughout the region. Including the daunting Hard Knot Pass.

On the 5th May our area attended Herne Bay Classic Car and Bike Show accompanied by Les & Pearl Pratt, George and Shelagh and Bernard Lister from other areas. It was a similar type of event to that of Faversham in 2006, with all the cars parked throughout the shopping precinct. However, after the glorious April it was absolutely freezing. It was nice to have the club win another cup though. John Deed's magnificent Deville was runner up to an E Type in the "car of the show" awards.

January  2007.

The Essex area has been busy over the Christmas and new year period with a week end away, a new year party at Colin and Elaine's and yet another get together at Roy and Jennifer's and two monthly meetings at Margaretting Tye. The new season will be upon us in no time and if you look at the events page of the main PEC web site you will see there is already a pretty full calendar of events lined up for 2007.


18th November 2006.

Several of us attended an unexpected event in Farnborough Hants. The club received a late invitation to take part in the Aldershot Classic Car Parade. We all met at George & Shelagh's and proceeded in convoy to the assembly point just outside Aldershot main town. The Classic car parade made two circuits of the town, before all the cars were parked in the main shopping precinct. Photographs of the event can be found on the main PEC web site under "Aldershot Parade"

20th August 2006

The club had 12 cars attend the annual Althorne Classic Vehicles event in aid of the Little Haven's childrens' hospice. The event has grown considerably since it was held at the Steam Museum and now includes something for everyone. Photographs from the event and the barbeque held at Mark and Collete's house afterwards can be found in Albums. Next week we will be at our National Rally at Knebworth! 

13th August 2006

  A group of 5 cars braved the weather to attend the East Anglian Practical Classics Show at Stonham Barns near Ipswich. It was a good show. Many more of us were due to go, but the weather and the distances some people would have to travel in the poor conditions, put off all but those fairly local to the event. This was a shame as the weather changed for the better and we spent most of the day in sunshine. A few photographs have been included in Albums. 

15/16th July 2006

A strong contingent of Essex members attended the Aldershot Army show over the weekend of July 15/16 (see photos on George's web site) and another good turnout of Essex members plus cars from Hampshire attended the Battlesbridge Jaguar Day at the invitation of Colin Field of the jaguar Enthusiasts Club. It was a good day out rounded off nicely by a barbeque at Malcolm and Liz's house.

May/June 2006

4 couples from our Essex area went on the 2006 French trip to Troyes. It was almost 3 couples as Val Herbert broke her wrist just a couple of days before we were do to go. However, she and Wally did go and were glad they did. It was a very successful trip. A write up is in the July mag. and photographs are on George's web site and in Albums here.

May 2006

Another successful outing was the Faversham Classic Car Show. We had never been to this one before and it proved to be something different. The cars were not parked in lines in a field, but at the roadside throughout the historic setting of old Faversham, which was closed to traffic for the day.  Don & Margaret organised our visit to this show and also to the Shepherd Neame brewery in the afternoon. I've just (8/7/06) updated the Albums page with photographs from this event.

March 2006

CJX292S has been sold to a Frenchman. I didn't particularly want to sell it but I had an offer of an unfinished Lima Mk1 project, which I fancied doing, so  CJX had to go. A page for EGS140T will be appearing soon.  


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