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New Forest Weekend 26th/28th March

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The Essex Area once again ventured out in bleak early spring for another successful weekend away. This time the New Forest drew the short straw and 7 Essex couples, accompanied by "locals" George & Shelagh and Les & Pearl, descended upon the Moorhill House Hotel at Burley. Six Panthers made the trip, the other 3 couples electing to use their "tin tops". I wish I could say that it was hoods down all the weekend and they regretted doing so, but I can't. The conditions were dull, overcast and cold. However, we're a stoic lot and it didn't dampen our spirits. We visited Bucklers Hard, and walked, yes WALKED, the 2.5 miles to Beaulieu and back, drove to Barton-on-Sea and shivered whilst we viewed the Needles and generally toured the forest making sure we did not do a David Fung and hit a horse. The evenings were the usual riotous affairs, starting with drinks in a room, more with dinner and yet more after. It was  fortunate that we were only staying 2 nights. On the Saturday night Mike & Jane and Peter & Lynda from the New Forest region joined us for a drink and natter. It was great to see them again and catch up with what they are doing.

A few photographs of the weekend follow:

The six Panthers neatly parked in the hotel's car park

Thought you might like to see the Solo hiding behind the Deville

We're all going into the Shipwrights cottage at Bucklers Hard to see if the upstairs floors will take our weight

Part of the walk to Beaulieu. It's Ok girls 3 respectful paces behind us fellows will do. You can come closer.

The night of the long table. Good food served promptly but sod all elbow room

Sorry Cliff, I still didn't get you in clearly!

Shelagh with another almost empty glass

George proudly holding up his gift - a duster embroidered with     "I Love my Kit Car"

The Panthers lined up on windy and chilly sea front of Barton-on-sea

The group (minus me) shivering whilst they obscure the view of the Isle of Wight and the Needles.

Just to show you I was there.

Val offered to pay her bill by working as a receptionist - the offer was refused.

And that was it for another year, I wonder where we will go next year?

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