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Photographs from a week in Evian 2001

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In August 2001 following a 5 day club trip to Nurburgring six UK Panthers went 450 miles south to Evian on the French side of Lake Geneva for a week's holiday organised by an Essex member. The following photographs are from that trip.


Pearl, Les, Janet, Colin, Linda, John, Jennifer, George, Laraine, Shelagh, Terry and me (Roy) behind the camera at Yvoire a medieval walled village on the shores of Lake Geneva.





Thonon and parking was limited. The bar owner moved his own car so that the Devilles could be parked outside his bar.














The two Devilles parked on the lakeside at St. Gingolph.

















Above. Some people never grow up!                                         Gorges Diable



Colin taking advantage of Janet in the dark!













Left: Linda, John, Terry and Jennifer spoiling a perfectly good picture of a traditional Lake Geneva sailing barge.


Right -  after a strenuous climb it was bonnets up to let the heat out and check that things were not getting too much for John's new V12 engine.


Below. Mailly-le-Chateau our overnight stop on the way home.

 George fails to capitalise on a wedding booking for his Deville and instead does his bit for improving Anglo/French relations. 









The last dinner of our trip. The following day we had a brief look around Chablis and then headed for Calais.






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