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The Hop Farm Event near Paddock Wood

July 3rd 2005

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Thirteen cars and their crews visited the Hop farm at Paddock Wood on Sunday July 3rd. For some of us it was a first visit to this venue and it was a pleasant surprise. I've never seen such a concentration of oast houses before, even in Kent. It must have been a huge hop farm to warrant all those buildings. The car show and autojumble was not huge but the attractions of the Hop Farm more than made up for this. The big Shire dray horses which are stabled here are magnificent. I didn't take many photographs during the day, but for what they are worth here they are:

The impressive and numerous oast houses

The neat line of 13 cars - nice to see a few Limas

The view from the other end

The straightest line I've seen for a long time!

It has all gone comparatively quiet - must be lunch time

Four of the ladies enjoying a good old natter

The event was organised by Don and Margaret Scriven, who took their every day car as well as the Panther in order to provide us with the creature comforts we have all come to expect i.e. gazebos, tea, coffee, rolls and tables. Not only that, but they left home about 2 hours before the rest of us in order to get everything set up before we arrived. We can only say thank you and well done! 

Another view of the cars with the oast houses as the backdrop


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