Battlesbridge Classic Car Show

September 28th 2003

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This was the second of the 2 shows hosted by the Essex Area this year. The weather was almost dry all day, but the wind was cold and many regretted not bringing a warm coat. However, the turnout was very good and we took advantage of a generous pitch to put 2 more than our allotted 12 cars on the site. A good cross section of cars were on display, Limas I and II, Kallistas, a Deville and a Solo. It would have been nice to have a J72 as well! We really didn't give it a thought and hadn't tried to do anything special on the site, but the quality of our cars still won us the "Best Club Stand" award. Perhaps we should make an effort to retain the award next year.

The event benefits from the variety of interests that are catered for Cars, bikes, autojumble, antiques, gardening and live music. All that was missing was warm weather.

The proud group with the Best Club Trophy

Shelagh receives our trophy on behalf of the club

We needed the "big" gazebo two small ones were not enough

A not too tidy a line up of 14 cars - where was the bemedalled wooden legged parking attendent?

The worst parking was by the Solo driver - way out of line!

Not too bad this end, but Les should be back a bit - must be something about Hampshire drivers

Perhaps Les wasn't to fault after all from this view

Sitting eating and huddling from the cold winds

You can see why Maureen doesn't drive the Lima, she probably can't see over the steering wheel! 

Nice to see Ian and Molly representing the midlands

This is Colin and Elaine's Dutch friend whom they met whilst on Elaine's 40th birthday cruise (cough cough) and he drove over in his classic Mercedes especially to join them on this event. Nice to meet you Ax (that's as close as I can get to his name). Hope to see you again when we are in Holland next year. 


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