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Battlesbridge Classic Car Show -  18th May 2003

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The Essex Area hosted the club stand at this popular event in south east Essex. Such was the expected support we had asked for space for twenty cars, but in the end we had to settle for just 12 and apologise to those whose cars we could not display.

The weather on Saturday preceding the event was abysmal and the Sunday started out in a similar manner, but by 8am the rain had stopped and the day was to remain dry, in spite of the threatening clouds that were always present. There was a strong and cold wind blowing all day and in the middle of the afternoon one of the two gazebos we struggled to put and keep up, buckled under the force of it. Still with a sidescreen in place there was enough shelter to cook the bacon and sausages for the traditional butties.

The Battlesbridge show ground is adjacent to the extensive antique and garden centre and it was noticeable that whilst the men disappeared off to the autojumble and came back with carrier bags containing useful goodies, the ladies disappeared off to the other centres of interest and likewise returned with items of interest to them.

The cars created a great deal of interest, especially the Solo, which incidently some took to be a Lotus until they read the badge. I don't think many, if any, of the spectators had ever seen one before.

A write up of the event will appear in the next club magazine, but meanwhile here are a few photographs of the event which were taken by George.

Our neat line of 12 cars. Some owners were more optimistic about the weather than others. The second gazebo is still standing at this point!

You wouldn't know it from the above photos but we had over 30 club members on the site throughout the day. Still mustn't grumble, I left my camera at home and had to beg these from George, I'm just grateful he took some.

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