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Wroughton Classic Car Show Sunday August 3rd 2008


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This is an event we used to attend on a regular basis, but it stopped and was "transferred" to Cirencester where it was held for a couple of years. Since its return to Wroughton it is nowhere as big or enjoyable as it was There was a marquee housing the usual art and craft stalls and just one hanger displaying enthusiasts type items and most of them appeared to be of interest to either model car or model railway enthusiasts. Nevertheless, our little group enjoyed themselves and made the best of the day. One thing that was popular were the joy rides being given by the police up one of the runways. One thing that was unpopular was the one and a half hours it took to get out of the grounds in spite of a greatly reduced attendence.   

Wessex Area members at the event were:

Les & Pearl Pratt

Mike & Jane Lee

John Edwards and Alec Bradshaw



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