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Bedfordshire Classic Motor Show  -   Woburn Abbey

Sunday May 2nd 2010

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It was a funny old day, not funny ha ha but funny with regard to the sequence of events. However, funny is not a word Les Pearl and Colin will associate with it. We had 7 cars booked in for this event, but so dire was the weather that 3 cars cried off and wisely didn't even attempt to go. Never having been to Woburn Abbey before and not knowing how long it would take me to drive the 75 miles to get there, I set off at 7am and was on site at 8:45. I'd been sheltering in my car from the incessant rain and bitter NE wind for over 2 hours and was hoping nobody else would turn up so that I could go home, when Dennis and Pauline's familiar black Kallista drew up alongside me. None of us bothered to get out of our cars except to visit the loo and we just carried out our conversations through open windows with a brolly up to stop the rain coming in.

By 12 o'clock it was obvious the day was a washout. Only one autojumble stall was on site and classic cars were few and far between - so we left. We set off in different directions. I returned to Woburn to pick up a cross country route and suddenly saw Les and Pearl at the cross roads in the town. I turned around and returned with them to the show. Apparently, their son's Lima kept breaking down. They managed to get it going again each time, but eventually lost him somewhere between the M1 and Woburn.

We spent 2 hours waiting for him to turn up and then gave up and left, or started to. As we were exiting the site we spotted him coming in from another direction. So we turned around and once more returned to the show! (He eventually had called the AA out and they cured a fuel blockage).

I made my 3rd and final attempt, with Les, Pearl and Colin, to leave at about 2:30 and this time I was successful. The weather was brightening up so I decided to have a decent drive and go home across country to avoid those dreary motorways. I used the A507 and A120 to travel almost due east and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I recommend the A507 especially the bit between Baldock and Buntingfold, The journey was 10 miles longer than via the motorways and took probably an extra half hour, but at least I had some enjoyment from the day.

All was not good with Les, Pearl and Colin's journey home though. Les telephoned to say that Colin's Lima "blew up" on the M25 near Heathrow, with oil pouring from the cam cover. The oil was dripping onto the exhaust and briefly catching fire. So Colin ended his journey home on the back of a low loader.

Good luck Colin, I hope the problem's not too expensive to repair. No doubt Dad will help out, physically I mean!

The weather totally destroyed what would have been a great event. I've never been to Woburn before and was surprised how vast the place is. The drive from the ticket office to the Classic Car Show site was 2 miles. Two miles of beautiful parkland with ornamental bridges over lakes and so many deer of different types. I suppose they keep the grass down and in return fertilise it. There was certainly plenty of evidence of this latter benefit. I hope Greenwoods hold the Bedfordshire Classic Car Show here again next year. I would certainly come and take advantage of the half price entry to the house and gardens and there is of course always the Safari Park.

A few dismal looking photos follow. In better weather I would expect the event to be getting on to the same size as Knebworth.   





Two lonely little Kallistas














Panthering stalwarts Dennis and Pauline Power wind the window down so that I can take a picture. It soon went up again!















            The crowded showgound!















Les and Pearl belatedly turn up after a very eventful journey.














      And finally Colin arrives in his Lima!











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