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Wessex Area Christmas Dinners

December 9th and December 13th

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The Wessex area had two Christmas dinners, one for those in the north of the area and another in the south. I reckon they could have had just one in the centre of the area, but that would mean they would only celebrate once - sound logic - Essex area take note. The first dinner was held at The Anchor pub on the bank on the Basingstoke Canal near Wisley. It is a beautiful venue with oak beams and a central log  fire. Just the right atmosphere for a cold winter's evening dinner. This was the second time Wessex had used this venue for their Christmas do and once again the food was excellent.

Thirteen members enjoyed the evening - it would have been 15, but Jennifer and Roy Biddle were unable to come because Jennifer inconsiderately broke her leg (again) the day before and was in hospital. Those who were present were Alan & Michele Grimbly, Nigel & Mary Plunkett, Alec & Mary Bradshaw, Tony & Helen Burley, Les & Pearl Pratt, Terry & Larraine Hockley-Moore and Pam Stone. It great that Pam continues to stay in touch with the group.

A few photos from the evening, kindly sent to me by Alec, follow:





The second Wessex Christmas dinner was for the "New Forest Group" and was held at The Sway Manor Hotel.Unlike the Anchor "do" which was held in the evening the New Forest dinner was a mid-day affair. Again with 13 people attending the turn out was quite good. Enjoying the food and occasion were, John & Pam Edwards Chris & Barry Woolsey, Ron & Sheila Venning, Peter & Judy (sorry don't know the surnames), Les, Pearl & Colin Pratt and Mike & Jane Lee. By all accounts it was a very jolly meal. A pianist provided music throughout the meal and the manager and his staff provided a cabaret act, which gave the whole meal a festive feel.

Pearl did take some photographs, but then promptly left her camera behind. Watch this space they may appear at a later date.



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