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Early Spring Drive - Sunday 27/4/2008

A Drive through the beautiful Surrey Hills.

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Terry & Larraine Hockley-Moore organised this scenic drive for us and what a drive it was. I don't think many of us believed it was possible to drive 40 miles in an area so close to Guildford and hardly use a "B" road let alone an "A" road. We did cross the A25 once and actually drive along it for a couple of half mile stretches, but the rest of it was along beautiful often single track lanes through bluebell woods and famous beauty spots. The tour started at Newlands Corner where our small group of 8 cars was virtually lost amongst hundreds of Jaguars who were also using Newlands Corner as their starting point for their 2008 Brighton run.

Our morning run (about 20 miles) took us through Brook, Farley Green, Hurt Wood, Shere and Wotton before we stopped for lunch at the lovely old Abinger Hatch pub where Terry & Larraine had booked a table. On the way there we had stopped at what should have been glorious view points, but the weather denied our seeing them at their best - another time perhaps?

The afternoon run (again about 20 miles) went through the famous beauty spots of Friday Hill and Leith Hill and once again the weather stopped us seeing the views at their best, but we could imagine what they would be like on a clear day. One sight that was great and how you imagine England to be, was in Peaslake (I think). A couple were stood outside a nice old pub with a pint in one hand and their horses reins in the other. I hope the horses had a slurp. Back at Farley green the cars squeezed into Terry and Larraine's front garden and we were treated to tea and cakes to round off a very successful day.

Well done Terry & Larraine, it was such an enjoyable tour I'm sure we would all like to do exactly the same again next year when we could perhaps see those views at their best.

On the tour were: Alex & Mary, Nigel & Mary, Alan & Michele, Les & Pearl, Tony & Helen, Roy & Jennifer, Terry & Larraine and George. It was like old times to see him out and about with the Club.   

How on earth can we find our small group amongst this lot!

Together at last

Cream cars are welcome - honest!

Coffee is served - courtesy of Terry & Larraine

If you go down to the woods today......

Hoods up or hoods down? what should we do?

Everyone with eyes straining to penetrate the mist that spoilt the views

A typical tour road.   See what I mean Nigel about your stop lights?

Friday Street - If the weather had been better we would have probably been sitting on those stones looking at the view.

A drink in hand and looking forward to lunch

The usual one end of the table shot.......... 

...........and the other

The sort of photograph  that warms the heart

A road with 2 lanes! have we reached civilisation?

The group with backs to the view - photo taken by George

The Cars in Terry & Larraine's front garden 

Thanks once again Terry & Larraine for setting up such an enjoyable day. Don't forget, I'm sure we'd all like to do it all again just as we did this time and perhaps, just perhaps, we will get a chance to see those glorious views.


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