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E.A.P.C. Stonham Barns Show

13th August 2006

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Fortune favours the brave! The abysmal weather (rain, rain and more rain) caused the club to cancel our pitch at this event, but some of us decided to go and hope the weather cleared up. Consequently, 5 cars drove up the A12 to Stonham Barns, the occupants thinking to themselves, as they endured the incessant rain, "we must be mad!" Fortunately in spite of the rain the showground was still hard and we parked up in a neat line of 5 cars. Considering the conditions there was quite a good turnout. Although, I believe, it was about 50% of what was expected. We arrived before 11:30 and miracle of miracles were bathing in warm sunshine by noon. Stonham Barns was quite a good venue for a car show. A large central arena was roped off for a parade of cars (with commentary on each) and there were several shops to browse around as well as the permanent falconry display centre. All in all we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Here are a few photographs from our visit.

We're here and I do think those clouds are breaking up

Sun's almost out  going for a paddle lads?

Blue sky - who would have believed it!

We are all in the falconry - including Val and Colin!

Don't care if it does rain

we've our own gazebo

and make the most of it.

Val proving that the therapy is working

Classic stock cars -  sacrilege

Could be worse - could say Stoned Antiques

The merry group by the arena

All that watching made us thirsty - so more tea

Almost the last to leave - as usual

see what I mean

The brave group who didn't mind getting their cars wet were:

Colin & Elaine

Cliff and Yvonne

Wally and Val

Don and Margaret


Home we go

Thanks for the extra pictures Val

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