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Classics by the Sea  a CVCM Organised Event

Wednesday evening August 5th 2009


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This was the third and last Wednesday evening event of the season organised by the CVCM. It was held at The Star public house in Steeple, Essex from 7pm onwards. As always, unless you want a meal, there is no booking, you just turn up. And turn up people do. I reckon there was about 70 cars there on the 5th. All sorts of makes are represented but sadly there is usually only one Panther, mine. I don't know how far the catchment area for this event stretches, but I have a picture in my mind of  a surprising number of classic vehicles all emerging about the same time from garages and barns in our little corner of Essex. I included barns because apparently one person there has 44 cars! How many barns do you need for that number of vehicles? The number of cars individuals have arose as a result of a discussion, over a pint, about classic car insurance. It seems there is no  guaranteed "best deal". Some people seem to get a better deal via  broker "A" than broker "B" whilst others find the reverse. The bloke with 44 cars has a fleet policy.

A few photographs of some of the more interesting vehicles on display follow.  A couple of these must be worth a great deal and one in particular a not so small fortune!





The cars were arranged in two long lines - no set positions just park on the end. Many cars were still to arrive when these photos were taken.





                                      No your eyes do not deceive you this is a genuine Type 57 Bugatti, that was driven to the event under its own power. Everything was "correct" on this car, engine, gearbox, blower, wheels, tyres. I didn't like to ask how much it was worth, but would I be wrong to expect a 7 figure sum? I don't know how far he travelled in the Bugatti, but if the "Old Bill" were to see him on the road without mudguards what would be their reaction?

It was a very pleasant way to spend an evening, good weather, company, Essex country roads, a nice pint of Adnams and some exceptional cars.


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