Panther Enthusiasts Club UK

Rougham Classic Car and Air Show

At Rougham Nr. Bury ST. Edmunds

14th August 2011

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After our successful meeting at Helmington Hall last week it seemed like no time at all that we were once again all together at this very popular event at Rougham. Mr. Jobsworth was still on duty, but this year we were allotted a better site and had only one temporary problem with access to it. The weather was good and what clouds there were were high enough to not interfere with the flying display. The general opinion was that there were fewer classic cars present this year, but the flying display was better than ever. The day just flew by. By 10am we had our 13 cars lined up, mascots on the bonnets, chairs and tables up, Panther banner flying and the prospect of a hot bacon roll to look forward to. The duck tape on the banner pole once more did the trick and we had no problems with it all day. 

As is usual at Rougham there were parades of the various vehicles present in the area. Tractors, Army vehicles, motor cycles and separate eras of classic cars. Mr. Jobsworth asked us to take 3 of our cars into the ring at 2:30 immediately after the Jaguars and MX5s, but somehow found ourselves being presented to the public before them,  he didn't look very pleased. John Deed with his Deville was a natural choice to go in, but we had to press gang a Lima and a Kallista owner to make up a good cross section of Panther cars. Tony Appleby and Colin Addison drew the short straws. People are quite willing to take their cars in but are far from keen to have to chat over a mike about them. Fortunately Tony Ansell had a fact sheet about the various models so we we able to do a bit of "boning up" before we went in.

On parade, were Mark & Collette Kingswell, (accompanied by Steve and family in his very nice Mustang), Dennis & Pauline Power, Alec & Mary Bradshaw, Tony & George Ansell, Peter & Leigh Heales, Colin & Sue Addison, Steve and Sharon Johnson, Cliff & Yvonne Benton, John Deed, Tony & Jan Appleby, Gary & Parissa Bush and me (Roy Biddle).

Linda Deed as per previous years stayed at home to prepare for us lot descending upon the delightful Deed country residence at the end of the show. They entertain us so well, I'm in doubt as to what is the real reason we attend the Rougham show. Is it the show or is going back to John & Linda's? There's a distinct possibility that the Rougham air show won't be on next year, but I'm sure we'd all travel to Suffolk for the Harleston Classic Car Show!

Photographs of the day follow, but there are more to come, I've been promised photos of our cars in the arena and of the fly past of the B52 and Mustangs.




The Panther mascots seem to be proliferating. Please ensure your mascot is tied up at all times and please don't bring them to shows if they are in season.


You get two for the price of one if you put it on the bonnet of the bling machine!






Coffee and Bacon Butties beckon


Tony & George entertain two friends from the Matching Green Classic Car Club to which Tony & George also belong.
Tony & George's friends were at the show in their very desirable Austin Healey 3000.

Dennis and Pauline regulars at this show and both looking forward to the French Trip in September.

Old friends and ex-Panther owners (they had 5) John & Sue Gibson who were at the show with their Porsche 944, which is older than most of our Panthers.
They too will be going on the French Trip. It was great to see them again.

Yvonne, Cliff, Alec and Mary lunching. Cliff I told you you polish that car too much, you've polished right through to the undercoat,
or is it just too bright for my camera.

Mary, John, Gary and Parmissa and half of Peter

All of Peter this time and Leigh

Colin, Sue, Jan and Tony. Colin and Tony look quite relaxed in this photo, because at this stage they didn't know that they would be
"asked" to take their cars into the ring.

Sharon, Steve, Tony and George. Later Tony was to be reprieved from acting as interpreter for Colin when Colin took his
Kallista into the ring as at the last minute Sue plucked up courage to accompany her husband.

What no umbrella!  All photos of Mark & Collette at the shows this year have previously shown them
sheltering under a brolly. Mind you that hat's almost as good.

Thanks to Alec I sometimes appear in a picture


John's magnificent Deville in the arena together with


Tony's nice looking Lima Mk2

and Colin's very good Kallista.


There may have been fewer cars at Rougham this year, but the number of planes seems to have trebled.



This one looks as if the elastic band is missing.





 These two Mustangs gave a great flying display. The scream from their engines is really distinctive.


The legendary DC9 Dakota. The queue to go inside this plane did not shorten until it was time for it to do its flying display.


The B52 (Sally B) flypast. I'm awaiting a much better photograph of this plane in flight, which Cliff took with his super zoom lens.

The flying displays given by these 1/5th scale model jets were fantastic. From a distance you couldn't tell
them from the real thing. The only "give away" was the subdued sound of their miniature jet engines. Apparently
they cost in the region of 20,000 to make. I wonder how many prangs they had whilst learning to fly them.

These 2 Pitts Specials performed amazing aerobatics, the most incredible one for me was when they flew very close together, one above the other,
but with the upper one upside down! One wrong twitch of that joystick and they would have been in big trouble.

 I can't remember all the planes that entertained us throughout the day, but in addition to the above there was also the sight and sound
of the glorious Supermarine Spitfire to marvel at.



 The planes were still flying at 4:15 when we left to make our way back to John & Linda's for what she calls "tea and cakes" Some people had commitments
which meant they had to head straight for home, but most of us were able to take advantage of John and Linda's hospitality once again.

Just 10 Panthers on John's back lawn this year. He's obviously not lawn proud. To the left of the picture are John and Linda's other
recreational cars. The day to day cars were parked elsewhere.

In the barn is something I would have loved to have had when I was restoring Limas - a four post hydraulic lift, which is strong enough to take
John's Deville. Linda's Kallista is then parked underneath it.



To Linda this is "tea and cakes"!


Tea? That doesn't look like tea or tea cups. You can be assured the passengers in the cars went home very happy.
I'm informed they left about 8pm.

Jan & Leigh enjoying a sit and natter in a comfortable chair. Brave little soldier Leigh put on a brave face
in spite of having been stung by a wasp earlier in the day. She says "I now know why kids scream and run away when
they see wasps. It really hurt"   Wimp!

John if you ever fancy coming out of retirement and starting another business, your place would make a great pub.


One last thing. People collect many strange things, stationery pump engines, tractors, lawn mowers, bicycles etc.
Which brings me to the above. Just to see if anyone out there is as old as me (put your hand down George), what is the connection with
this bicycle and a man named Reg? Email me with your answer ( . The first person to submit a correct answer wins a bottle of wine.


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