Panther Enthusiasts Club UK

Rougham Air Display & Classic Car Show

14th &  15th August 2010

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This is probably the most popular event in our events calendar, with some of our members opting to go both days and stay overnight. Indeed those who did go for both days are saying that next year they will camp overnight so that they can enjoy the entertainment that is laid on in the evening. We didn't have quite as good a "pitch" as last year, and had to do a bit of crafty sign moving to get around Mr. Jobsworth and eventually get all our cars together. Even then John Deed's magnificent Deville and George & Tony's Kallista did not end up where we would have liked them. We had 15 cars at the show 13 Panthers, the Jones' family bus (Nissan Figaro) and John & Sue Gibson's new Crossfire.

The show was, as usual, great and we were treated to 4 and a half hours of entertaining flying, which was still going on when we left to enjoy John & Linda's hospitality at their gorgeous old farm house near Stowmarket.  The weather was cloudy, but dry. However, there was a very strong wind, which as usual caused havoc with our banner which did what it is prone to do in these circumstances and gradually concertinaed down. It also had an effect on some of the flying. The biplanes and other light planes almost stood still when heading in to it and the Piper L4 Cub caused great amusement by taking off almost vertically.

The planes in the flying displays were: Pitts Aerobatic team, Sais Marchetti, 4 Great War biplanes, Bucker Jungmeister, Spitfire MH434, Fiat G46, Boeing B17 ( Sally "B"), Piper Cub, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (Spitfire and Hurricane), Stearman Wing Walkers, Hurricane 11B, P51 Mustang, Gnats display team, Yak 52, Strikemaster Jet, and Autogyro demo. In addition to the flying display in the main arena cars, lorries, army vehicles, motorcycles and Rolls Royce aero engines were paraded.

It was a very enjoyable day, rounded of perfectly, as per last year, by high tea and cakes back at John and Linda's.

At the show were, Malcolm, Liz, Charlotte and Monica Jones (both days), Mark and Collette Kingswell (both days), Cliff & Yvonne Benton, Peter & Leigh Heales, John & Linda Deed, Dave Turner, Dennis & Pauline Power, Steve & Sharon Johnson, Tony & Jan Appleby, Tony & George Ansell, Les & Pearl Pratt, Alec Bradshaw, John & Sue Gibson, and Roy & Jennifer Biddle.

Photographs of the day follow. I've tried to ensure that everyone appears somewhere in these photos, but so many of you are camera shy I don't always succeed.





In spite of all our crafty efforts we failed to get the Deville and Tony and George's Kallista in the same line as the rest of the cars, but it wasn't too bad they were in the line directly behind.













The second line of cars - quite a neat line - must be because Cliff parked first and everyone else lined up with him!












If you want some indication of how strong the wind was, just look at Leigh's hair.












Note the yellow and black Classic Car sign on the right of the picture, we moved this about 2 car widths when Mr. Jobsworth wasn't watching, in order to get Dennis's and Tony's cars parked with the rest. I do like that MK2 Lima of Tony's it is a really nice car.












Look up everybody - Anyone have a stiff neck at the end of the day?














We had quite a little community set up between the cars and food drink and conversation were not in short supply.













John & Sue Gibson, seen here chatting with Malcolm, may no longer have a Panther, but they're still very much part of the scene. They're enjoying their Crossfire and John is especially pleased that he no longer has to drive with his elbow out of the window!

They'll be on the French Trip in September as well.












Malcolm's jumper was the subject of many comments. Usually from husbands or wives vowing that the early start that morning meant that their partner should be wearing it. In case you can't make it out, it reads "GRUMPY"








The following two pictures are of Collette and Peter who "volunteered" to take their cars in the ring to promote the Panther cause. We will have to get a potted history of the Mark drawn up so that people are not so reluctant to do this in the future. Anyway well done you two.





Just to show it was also an air show I've included a  few pictures of some of the aircraft.












































And the following pictures give you some idea of other features that when on in the show ring and around the show ground





     They started up these Rolls Royce Merlin and Griffin engines 3 times throughout    the day. The noise was horrendous and as if it wasn't windy enough we were right behind the propellers!








A DUKW amphibious vehicle, where on earth do these enthusiasts keep these huge vehicles?




















The show was still continuing when we left to go back to John and Linda's for what Linda describes as "tea and cakes". I can assure you it is far more than that. The following pictures were taken in the grounds of their lovely house. Not only were there now blue skies but their gardens were sheltered from the wind - bliss!





The cars parked on the lawn which obviously drains well as the previous day it poured all day.














Apparently there are moles under the lawn. I bet they wondered what on earth (literally) was happening when all these vehicles thundered over their tunnels.













There's almost room for a National Rally here John suggest it to Linda see she what she thinks!













The two Crossfires are examined in detail. Note the clever number plate on Linda's red one. Last year the odd ones out were MG RV'8s















Ah - Comfort, food, drink and warmth out of the wind.















Leigh, Sue, Les, Dave and John think "next year forget about the show lets just do this!"














Tony and George chat with the host
















Steve and Sharon enjoying the food in Linda's ye olde kitchen


















The host enjoying a well earned drink - thank you John it was a great way to end the day.























The only picture we managed to get of Linda and it was nice to see she had a relaxing glass of wine in her hand. Thanks Linda the food was lovely.









Well there we are folks another very successful Rougham day has come and gone and from the comments made we will be back next year. thanks to everyone for coming and making it such an enjoyable day.




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