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Romsey Pageant of Motoring  =   Classic Car Show

Sunday 30th August 2009


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Mike and Jane Lee once again kindly organised this event at Romsey. It is an event we have attended several times and on occasion we have been known to stay for both days, with the hardy ones camping overnight. This was just as well for they were usually too sloshed to drive anywhere. However, for the last 2 years we have only attended on the Sunday of the 2 day event. Seven cars were on display and Mike and Jane looked after everyone well. They took advantage of the presence of the 2CV club and brought their 2CV as well as their Kallista. Consequently, they were able to bring a gazebo which was a boon as the weather was wet at times. They also provided everyone with cream teas and a had a stove burning all day to make tea. They did all this when apparently they should have been in Spain! They'd booked their flight then suddenly it dawned on them that they had booked it too early. They could either rebook their flight or not go the Romsey event. Their sense of responsibility prevailed and the Romsey event was the better for it.

The event followed the usual format with the classic vehicles and stalls grouped around the large central arena in which there were displays throughout the day, including motor cycle stunt riding. The stalls at Romsey do not have much (if any) autojumble, but the variety and number of stalls is far greater than any classic car show I have attended recently and consequently of interest to the ladies as well as the men.

Unfortunately the show clashed with Knebworth, otherwise the support from the PEC members for this event would have been greater. Nevertheless 7 cars was not a bad turnout and it was nice to have two new couples Peter & Judy (from Southampton) and Barry & Christine (from Fareham) attend their first event with us. It was also great to see Steve and Trish Williams take time off from all the modifications they are making to their new home in Poole, to get the Kallista out to resume Panthering. Hopefully we will see them at the regular New Forest meetings in the future and possibly on one of the "French Trips" that we know they enjoyed so much.  If you count both events, Romsey and Knebworth, the PEC had 17 cars at Classic car shows this week end.

Another Mk1 Lima is back in circulation, the Lima that Colin Pratt was restoring has now passed its MOT and Romsey was its first outing.

At the show were Mike and Jane (2.8 Kallista), Peter and Judy (1.6 Kallista), Barry and Christine (1.6 Kallista), Steve and Trish (2.8 Kallista), Ron Venning (1.6 Kallista), Les and Pearl (2.9i Kallista) and Colin Pratt (MK1 Lima). 

The following few photographs were supplied by Pearl.



There is a car missing form this photograph. I can only count 6. However, although I don't recognise them all, That blue metallic Kallista definitely belongs to Steve and Trish Williams.









No Doubt the 2CV was the "van" that brought the gazebo and the eats.











Ron Venning looks as though he is about to enjoy that cream tea.











Les and Pearl's 2.9i, Mike and Jane's 2.8 and Colin's "rescued" MK1 Lima.






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