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Romsey Pageant of Motoring Sunday August 24th 2008


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Mike and Jane Lee organised our presence at this very big and popular show. In the past we have attended on both the Saturday and Sunday, but this year the club elected to only attend on Sunday. Over Saturday evening and night it poured and poured and it was still raining as we set out for Romsey on Sunday morning. We were thinking "we're going to be sitting under umbrellas all day" when suddenly ahead of us in the Romsey direction we could see blue sky. The blue skies and scattered clouds lasted throughout the day, with the odd spit of rain here and there to give us practice in putting our hoods up and down. It was a bit worrying as we filed into the show ground over very muddy ground to see officials laying straw on the worst bits of the show ground.  However, we needn't have worried it was only the entrance that required this treatment the rest of the ground was quite firm.

We had quite a good turnout 6 Kallistas, 1 Lima and a Solo and could have done with a slightly larger pitch.  The turnout would have even better but there were a couple of absentees through illness. We have managed to find a new telescopic pole on the internet and it was nice to once more see the club banner flying over the cars. However, we did have to re-learn how tight to make the telescopic joints as initially the strong winds caused the pole to concertina down. All that was missing was the gazebo - someone will either have to buy a Deville or pull a trailer - any offers.

The show has always been a big one, but this year it seemed bigger than ever. There was also the addition of an aerial display by a Spitfire, Hurricane and - no not a Lancaster but and old Dakota. Hundreds of digital camera screens were tilted to the sky in an effort to capture the scene and I hope most were more successful than my efforts (see below).  There were the usual mix of craft, tools, nuts and bolts, autojumble and polish manufacturers stalls and the large arena had several displays and acts going on throughout the day. However, I noted that the stall that sold nothing but "Crocs" last year was not there - it just shows you how fickle the fashion market is!

Photographs of the event follow and they include photographs of areas other than the Panther line up in an attempt to illustrate how big the show was.         

Initial line up before the arrival of Ron & Sheila's Kalli and Steve's Solo

The bonnet is not gold coloured - it's my rotten NEW camera It's going back to the shop as it is nowhere as good as my 6year old one!

If you're looking Jim, Steve's taking care of your old car and it is going well.

Panther information and history provided by Ron.

Rosemary, Frank and John catching up on the latest news

Alec and Jen shelter from the sun - it wasn't out long but when it was it was hot!

Pearl Sheila and Ron bask in it

while Jane tans her feet

Steve Vine spent the day educating people on the merits of the Solo 

The organisers, Mike and Jane - no doubt thankful that the event has good weather

Club stalwarts Les and Pearl relaxing with their son Colin

The Dakota fly past - the only one that was slow enough for me to get an easily recognisable picture

More by luck than judgement, I did get this shot of the Spitfire

This picture and the next illustrates why we didn't...........

know whether (perhaps that should be weather) to have hoods up or down!

Grand old Bull Nose Morris cowley

No classic car show is complete without a line of Austin 7's

The show arena and food and craft marquees

You can tell it is a Pageant of Motoring as opposed to a classic car show by modern cars also being on display

I still like "Frogeyes" and so do a lot of people  - have you seen the prices they go for!

Another must at a classic car show is a section devoted to those huge American gas guzzlers - must be a real strain on the finances now!

A sight to please our eyes (and yours George) the old banner flies again thanks to a new pole sourced via the Internet.

 Altogether it was a very good show and was enjoyed by us all. Our thanks go to Mike and Jane for organising it on our behalf and for providing coffee and cake as well as the "carpet", bits of blue and green string and posts to hold up the second banner. Those who enjoyed the day were: Alec, John, Les & Pearl, Frank & Rosemary, Ron & Sheila, Steve, Roy & Jennifer, and of course Mike & Jane.


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