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 RSPCA Day Chobham Surrey - Sunday 2/9/2007

Annual fund raising event for the RSPCA

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We have attended this popular event several times now and this year it followed the now familiar pattern of classic car display, demonstrations in the arena and fund raising stalls. As usual the Essex Area was much in evidence 7 of the 13 cars coming from there. George and Shelagh hired a tow car so that we would have the use of the caravan and we were sited in our privileged site that takes up one whole side to the area set aside for classic cars. As we have come to expect when the caravan is present, in no time hot sausage rolls, teas and coffees were being dispensed. Far too much food was available and I'm sure quite a lot was taken home again. There were cakes galore, sandwiches, nibbles and even two very large jugs of Pims to help them go down. The sight of the many dogs and cats awaiting re-homing continues to tug at the heartstrings and it is always very tempting to start adoption proceedings when you read there sad stories. The weather was kind to us and the whole day was enjoyable. The goodbyes were especially significant this time as we were wishing George and Shelagh good luck and bon voyage as on the 6th they would be setting of on their 6 month sabbatical to France and Spain.    A few familiar photos of the event follow:

One end of our 12 car line up

We're not choosey - we even allow Jim's Naylor

The caravan was a welcome sight

Our line up from the other end - if  peg leg Colin had been there the line would have been straighter

A quiet moment whilst most are looking at the animals

Alex brings his own dog - Laddie

A more animated group after downing two jugs of Pimms

George rescues a dangerous reptile

Almost everyone is in this shot, having done the rounds and returned to base

Same view but included because Jennifer thinks she looks better in this one!


At the show were: George & Shelagh, Les & Pearl,  Cliff & Yvonne, Dave, John & Linda, Peter & Leigh,  Tony & Helen, Martyn & Irene,  Alex & Laddie, Terry, Larraine & Millie, Jim, Gill & Buttons, Dave & Gill, Tom & Doll and Roy & Jennifer

Thanks George & Shelagh for once more hiring a tow car so as to bring the refreshment vehicle, we hope you enjoy your 6 month leave of abscence.


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