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RSPCA Gala Day

Chobham Surrey

5th September 2010

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It was a busy weekend, Brooklands on Saturday and the annual RSPCA Gala Day on Sunday. As most of you know the Gala day has been a regular on our events page for many years. Our participation started when George and Shelagh's daughter, Olivia started to work there. The event itself is a nice friendly family day out. As a car event it is not very big, but we like it and because we show cars as a club, rather than individuals, we get a very nice spot right down one side of the car display area. Just be careful of your exhausts getting over the curb.

The weather wasn't as nice as Saturday and it rained just enough to warrant carting the gazebo around for two days. However, it was pleasant enough and we had 8 cars on display. Not bad when you consider that most were also on parade on Saturday.  The Gala day is always a doggy day and this year was no exception with many displays in the arena and the stalls raising money for the centre by selling pet products etc. Our group took a fancy to the stall where for 50p you were guaranteed a prize. Everyone went home with a cuddly toy or two or three of some kind. We tried to give them all to Cliff and Yvonne who are destined to become grandparents in the new future, but they resisted.

The eight cars on show belonged to Cliff & Yvonne Benton, Peter & Leigh Heales, Les, Pearl & Colin Pratt, Tony & Helen Burley, Terry & Larraine Hockley-Moore, Alec & Mary Bradshaw and Roy & Jennifer Biddle.

As usual a few photographs of the event follow:








Our line of cars. The weather kept us busy hoods or covers on, hoods or cover off, leather off, hoods or cover up etc. we gave up in the end. We did discover that our gazebo can easily hold 15 people, but not if they are sitting down! However, Tony's St. Bruno umbrellas kept those around the edge dry.









At least there was no wind and the Panther banner for once stayed up.














Grandma to be Yvonne proudly shows off her "100 things to do with babies" book. The others are thinking "been there done it!"













Darby and Joan a.k.a. Les and Pearl spending a nice Sunday afternoon reading the paper and a book.













Terry and Larraine having a bus-mans day out with their dogs who have commandeered the bench behind them. I'm glad they didn't tether them to the gazebo.














Bloody extrovert!















Tony doing his best to persuade a "knowledgeable" member of the public that these are not kit cars! 












I don't seem to have included Helen in any of the photographs, but the photograph on the right proves that she was there.


The following 3 cars deserve to be seen. To me the owners are the real car enthusiasts. The time effort. skills, time and money they must spend to keep these veteran vehicles running must eclipse anything we spend on classics. I can't imagine Ebay is much use to them.

I can't remember what make the 3rd one is but the 1st is a De Dion Boulton and the second a 1904 Cadillac. I didn't realise that Cadillac existed that far back








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