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The Essex Area invade Potter's Holiday Village

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Each year the Essex Area members leave their Panthers at home and spend a week end at a holiday village. This year it was the turn of Potter's Holiday Village to draw the short straw. Seventeen of us plus the ubiquitous George and Shelagh, descended upon the hapless staff of the Hopton-on-Sea complex on Friday 10th October and left absolutely knackered after lunch on Sunday the 12th. Here is a few pictures from the week end.

The as yet sober group dine on the 1st night

Note the happy faces in spite of empty glasses!

Wally and Geoff  insist Tom  ducks  so that they can been seen

 Three demure ladies - they weren't so demure on the hockey pitch!

Linda is thinking - Bloody photographs - I just want to eat my dinner.

Derrick's has meat in his teeth and John's speaking with his mouth full - real Essex etiquette

Shelagh and Dave show how you should behave

Whilst Don looks as though he wished he ordered what Trish has.

Some of the group watching the entertainment from the balcony

6 more doing the same

The "Golden Girls", Doll, Pat and Val fighting it out in the hockey final -

Sorry the pictures are blurry, but they wouldn't keep still

Beaten but unbowed the three ladies with their make do goal keeper - a mere male.

Some of the men taking part in a more dangerous game - bowls

George doesn't want to lose his bowl so he chases it up the green

Derrick's trying to get the rules clarified

Dave has a go at archery. I've shown 2 targets because Dave's arrows invariably ended up in the one on the left

Nice stance Wally

Derrick and Tom try their hand as well

Ten Pin bowling and Margaret's about to show us how it's done

She has come along way since she threw the ball backwards at the Southend alley - she beat us all!

Derrick got in the way when I was photographing the girl in the next lane.

The early leader Tom sending another straight down the middle

Wally's about to do the same

Don Nureyev Scriven in action

Winding down after lunch on Sunday and absolutely knackered


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