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Picnic in the Park (HA! HA!)

Classic Car Show Weald Park Nr. Brentwood

in conjunction with

The Weald Park Country Festival

12th June 2011

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This popular event turned out to be anything but a picnic. The picnic hampers, tables, chairs and thermos flasks stayed in the cars. It was a miserable day. It rained from start to finish. For us it was one of those days we have endured in the past, and which, fortunately, we are able to see the funny side of. For the organisers and those doing demos and re-enactments it must have been a great disappointment. However, I believe Saturday was much better so perhaps they had some reward for all their efforts over the weekend.

We had 6 cars on show (should have been 7, but poor old Alec has shingles), George Ansell, Mark & Collette Kingswell, Steve & Sharon Johnson, Cliff & Yvonne Benton, Tony & Jan Appleton, Roy Biddle. We had all arrived by about 9:30, which coincided with the start of the rain. There was some consolation in the form of an excellent bacon baguette that we bought from one of the stalls. There was  quite a good selection of cars on show and it was a shame that the public wasn't there in larger numbers to appreciate them. In spite of the weather we enjoyed a good natter about this and that and generally caught up with each other's news. However, by about 2pm many cars were beginning to "call it a day" and we decided to do the same.

I did take a few photographs which are printed below, but I'm afraid they are not up to those that would have been taken with Alec's SLR. We hope you recover quickly Alec and that we see you and Mary again soon.

























































                                 As you can see from these pictures we didn't let the weather get us down!























The re-enactment people who attend this event each year and do battle in the arena may have what we consider to be a strange hobby, but they were dry!

I do believe, however, that they would be hard put to stop their armour going rusty after Sunday


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