Panther Enthusiasts Club UK  

Annual Classic car show and Picnic in the Park

Organised by the Chelmer Valley Car Meet (CVCM)

June 14th 2009 at South Weald, Essex

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 There have to be some days when everything comes right, at least for most of us and Sunday the 14th June was one of those days. I said "for most of us because we should have had 13 cars on display, but had to settle for 10. Unforeseen circumstances meant Malcolm and Liz Jones were unable to come and Ian Adam's Rio blew its head gasket on the M25 whilst on the way to the event. I can only try and imagine what it is to have a broken down car on the motorway and having to cope with with 3 small children as well! For those of us who did make it, it was a fabulous day. The umbrellas were up, but not for the usual reason, they were up to keep the sun off! We also had the benefit of a large unused area for our circle of tables and chairs. The programme of events in the arena, selecting and voting for our favourite show vehicles and just eating and chatting kept us busy and the day just flew by. It was also nice to see two of our cars chosen to go into the parade ring ( one of them wasn't a Panther, but you can't expect to have everything). To cap a good day our group won 5 prizes in the raffle. However, towards the end of the raffle,  being aware what was left on the table, we were all  thinking, "please don't let me win!"

So many photographs were taken, it was hard to know what to include and what to leave out, but I've made a choice and they follow:





The usual photograph of the cars from the left and..........














               from the right







The members who were present and their cars:











     Alec and Mary Bradshaw










Cliff and Yvonne Benton - smiling as usual, probably because they've a weekend off or they're just about to eat!












    Dave Turner's  car - gearbox fixed once           again. New upholstery and cream leather dashboard. It looks great. It just remains for Dave to get over his health problems so that he can enjoy it more.

Don't keep doing that with your left hand Dave, people might get the wrong idea.











No event would be complete with this couple, Les and Pearl Pratt and their car. 100,000 miles plus and still going strong!




Mark and Collette Kingswell with their car that cured itself. Mark had a serious fuel leak from the top of the tank whenever he started the engine. Just before the show, he got the car out to take it to be repaired and it mysteriously cured itself. Mark is just fortifying himself to meet his public in the parade ring.




Mick and Sandie Bailey with their Lima, which I believe they have had from new. You can tell it is a glorious day as the hood irons are not up!



Peter and Leigh Heales and our token Ferrari. We haven't the heart to tell them it is not a Panther!

The club Mascot.










"New Car on the block" and its owners, Tony and Jan Appleby. This is their first event with us and apparently we haven't frightened them off, because they booked to go on the Faversham event.










Steve and Sharon Johnson with their trusty Mk 1 Lima. They get around with this car, having done 2 German tours and one Italian tour in it.










Roy and Jennifer Biddle's car i.e. mine ( sorry ours) Gearbox problems, thankfully, seem to be a thing of the past, and after 84,000 miles the only thing it needs is a new exhaust. I still  love it!





The Posers Parade in the Arena:

Peter and Mark, unable to resist showing off, take their cars into the arena for the classic car parade. When handed the microphone and asked for comments about their cars, Peter gave the whole history of Ferrari and Mark said "It is a 2.9i Ford V6 and the whole car is based on Ford running gear" He may have said a bit more than that, but the "mike" was a bit puny and we didn't hear it. In fact we heard more about what was going on in the tree felling and chopping contest at the other end of the arena. A few photos of their moment of glory follow:



Our intrepid members about to "strut their stuff" in the ring. I must say they don't usually park that well.












Here they are trying hard not to be overtaken by that 3 wheeler thingy.














           Well done Peter















                 Well done Mark - keep the flag flying!









The Picnic In The Park:






We had all eaten well and had no room for more, when......out came the cakes. Two home made cakes courtesy of Pearl and Mary tempted us to eat yet more.










Arena Events:

Of the non classic car arena events listed on the left the most heavily supported were those of the Medieval re-enactment. This large group of people spent the whole weekend (2 days) living in very authentic looking tents and wearing the period clothes and armour. They even appeared to be cooking and eating in the way of the period. I was astonished how many people belonged to this society. When not in the arena they seemed to spend all their time on the choreography of the next battle.




















They must have been bl***y hot in all that gear! and I don't for one minute imagine it is cheap.



       I think I'll stick to classic cars.











      A lot of other displays had a woodworking theme - from cutting logs with an old Massey Ferguson tractor and.........








wood carving with a chain saw to lumberjack heroics.

All together now "Oh ......I'm a lumberjack and I'm ....."






Other Vehicles.





This Chevy belongs to Colin Moles the founder of the CVCM and organiser of the Classic Car part of this event. The cars to the left of it are regularly seen at The Lodge on the last Thursday of the month.









The picture of this Cobra is included purely because I like it and would love to have one.












I bet there is not many of you who recognise this car. It is certainly the first one I have seen. It is an Allard and nothing like the Allard shape I knew. In addition it is powered by a Jaguar engine not an American engine.























Finally, what do you think of this little folding caravan. It wouldn't be out of place behind a Panther, would it? Remember Dave Tee he had something similar, but not quite as miniscule as this. It has a toilet and that sunken floor also doubles as a BATH. I'm sure all you ladies would love to spend a fortnight in this.


                                                  Thanks everyone for making it such an enjoyable day. Here's to the next event.






Ian' lovely but forlorn Rio stranded on the M25 for 4 hours!










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