Panther Enthusiasts Club UK

North Norfolk Week End

15th to 18th May 2009

Organised by John and Sue Gibson

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 We had been looking forward to this event since it was first mooted towards the end of 2008 and no sooner was it announced than it was virtually full. For some of us it was a return visit for we attended the 1st North Norfolk weekend 10 years ago. That too was a great success. Once again members came from far and wide to attend, north, west and south. It would have been a bit awkward coming from the east!.

The venue was the Links Hotel at West Runton. The weather you encountered on the journey there depended upon where you set out from. Those coming from the south enjoyed hoods down conditions others endured heavy rain. By mid afternoon most had arrived, booked in and were enjoying a drink in the golf club bar belonging to the hotel. Only those poor souls who had to work on the Friday arrived later, but by the evening dinner all were present and correct.

John and Sue had arranged a special parking position for our cars and it was great to see the many Panthers and even the token Ferrari all parked neatly together. John and Sue had also arranged to have a garden room, which meant that there was plenty of room for the pre-dinner drinks.

At the event were: John & Sue Gibson, Dennis & Pauline Power, Malcolm & Liz Jones, John & Wendy Grundy, Cliff & Yvonne Benton, Tony & Sue Hulland, Peter & Leigh Heales, John & Linda Deed, Dave Turner, Nigel & Mary Plunkett, Alec & Mary Bradshaw, Richard & Shirley Wozniakiewicz and Roy & Jennifer Biddle. One notable absence was Les & Pearl Pratt. They had to "pull out" because Pearl had badly injured her leg and the long journey was just too much. We hope you are on the mend Pearl and fit enough to get back in that Kallista.


Friday 15th. We all arrive


At Dinner




Pauline, Dennis, Yvonne, Dave, Cliff , Liz and Malcolm.















Nigel, Alec, Linda, John, Mary B and Mary N











Richard, Shirley, Tony, Sue, Wendy and John














Peter, Roy, Jennifer, Sue, John and Leigh










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