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Annual French Trip

Return to Lyons La Foret

8th to 13th September 2010

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Wednesday 8th   

Wednesday the 8th September 2010 and it is rendezvous day for our 2010 Annual French Trip and it is raining. The thought goes through your head, "what if it is like this the whole trip? what will we do with everybody? will it still be worth going on all those lovely drives? We arrive at the Hotel De L'Escale near Calais to meet up with everybody and nobody else seems to share your concern. What a great bunch! In the bar and at dinner the laughter is non-stop irrespective of the bloody horrible weather outside. I feel a little calmer.



We have traditionally used this hotel as our rendezvous point for many years, so much so that when we book out the proprietors final comment is "see you next year". For a relatively cheap French hotel, the standard of  the rooms are good and the food's not bad. The only fly in the ointment is old sourpuss in the bar. Still we only have to put up with her for one night. The hotel is in a great spot, 15 minutes from Calais and 10 minutes walk from the beach through unexpectedly nice countryside. The hotel also has a secure car park behind it.

It was great to see everyone and although we had not seen some of our friends since the last French Trip in no time at all we were all fully aware of what each other had been doing since we last met and how our respective families were faring.

In spite of all this catching up we retired unusually early for us. It must have been the thought of a 9:30 start that did it.

If only the weather...................


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