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Annual French Trip

Return to Lyons La Foret

8th to 13th September 2010

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Sunday 12th   

Sunday was meant to be a "free day" that is you did what you felt like doing, with one or two suggestions thrown in. However, Sunday morning we woke up to RAIN! The weather had been so good we didn't even consider that a possibility. Fortunately our luck held,  the clouds cleared and it was decided that we would take a couple of drives around the immediate vicinity of Lyons and in the afternoon visit the Chateau Vascoeuit. The first took us through the picturesque village of Lisors and on to the Abbey Mortemer. Our journey there was briefly held up by a lumbering Charolais cow that looked as though it was capable of doing a better job on my Kallista than a car crusher. It led our procession of cars for some time before deciding that the field on the other side of the road looked promising.

The cafe at the Abbey Mortemer was closed and nobody fancied looking around the Abbey so we drove back to Lyons through the forest and set out on drive number 2. At least some of us did. Others mistook our intentions and parked up in the village to visit the bustling Sunday market. The rest of us completed the 2nd short drive and then "took in" the market and of course stopped at our favourite drinking hole.

In the afternoon we made the short but again entertaining drive to the Chateau Vascoeuit. Although the building is that of a restored chateau it is used as an artistic centre. There are permanent exhibits in the gardens of statues by Dali and other famous artists, but in the chateau the displays are for  months only. The art on display was that of a ballet by Mihail Chemiakin. It showed the initial drawings of the ballet costumes and face masks, then the scale models and finally a video of the complete ballet. I watched for quite a few minutes and found myself getting really into it, and I usually can't stand ballet!















I forgot to take my camera so I've cheated and obtained the pictures of the Chateau and the scale models from the internet. Unlike the Chateau de Bizy, I thought the visit to the Chateau de Vascoeuil well worth the entrance fee.








The intended lazy Sunday turned out to be quite busy day. In addition, our host who is a proper Classic car fan, brought one of his recently restored vehicles around for us to look at. He owns 3 classic cars, an Amilcar, a Facel Vega and a Delahaye. The car we were shown was the 1927 Amilcar. Very awkward to drive I would imagine as the accelerator is in the middle!





At dinner that night Sue thanked us for the birthday wishes with a glass of Kia each and Madame Larrain also got into the spirit of things by adding an extra dish to the meal consisting of sorbet swimming in Calvados. What with pre-dinner gin and tonics, Kia, Calvados and wine, it was quite a heady evening.


On the trip were:





Dennis and Pauline Power, and Les Pratt















Pearl Pratt and Dave (oh dear oh dear oh dear) Turner

















John and Linda Deed














                                                Sue and Tony Hulland





















Peter Heales and Malcolm Jones
















The Three Graces, Leigh Heales, Liz Jones and Jennifer Biddle

















Tony and George Ansell

















                                              John and Sue Gibson









and of course me, Roy Biddle, on the end of the camera.







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