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Annual French Trip

Return to Lyons La Foret

8th to 13th September 2010

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Saturday  11th  

Saturday was the day I was most looking forward to. It was only a 50 mile round trip, but it took in some of most gorgeous Normandy countryside, hardly touched a main road and its destination was one of the most beautiful villages in France.  The village was Gerberoy and because it was so near, we didn't set out until 10am. We drove slowly so as to take in the views and generally enjoy the countryside. We arrived at about 11am. We parked on the outskirts of the village and walked through the main street to the restaurant for coffee. The main street is very picturesque and some of the side streets even more so. The whole village lives up to its billing.

We planned to have lunch here, but in order to do so you would have had to have a 4 course meal. We found the French very formal when it came to eating. They take their meals very seriously. very few places sell snacks. So we decided to return to our favourite lunch time spot in Lyons and while away the afternoon back beside the pool.

However, apart from the lunch decision there was no change of plan and we returned to Lyons via the planned scenic route through yet more gorgeous Normandy countryside.

Photographs of Gerberoy follow. I'll spare you yet more photographs of our eating and drinking habits, with one exception (see last picture), but you can rest assured they continued.

Tony and George Ansell couldn't get enough of the scenery and deserted country roads and drove another 100 miles around the area while the rest of us were relaxing. No wonder they take the 1.6.
















At dinner that night, Madame Larrain presents Sue with a cake (bought by Linda and Leigh) to commemorate a landmark birthday.













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