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Annual French Trip

Return to Lyons La Foret

8th to 13th September 2010

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Monday 13th   

Monday morning was a sad day, not only was it the end of our trip, we had to say our goodbyes and last but certainly not least, pay our bills! The occupants of three cars were more fortunate as they were driving further south for extended holidays. John and Sue Gibson were driving on down to Spain, Dave Turner was driving down to Bordeaux and Tony and George Ansell were going on down to the Mont St. Michelle area for 4 days before meeting up with the Matching Green Car club at Dinan. The rest of us were driving back up to our varied crossings to the UK. Malcolm and Liz were the first off and the remaining 6 cars headed north together and made our final goodbyes at the Translay service station.

We stayed together until Boulogne when we lost Dennis and Pauline. You didn't put your credit card in the wrong slot again Pauline did you?

Jennifer and I "messed up" we were so busy waving goodbye to Tony and Sue that we missed our entrance to the tunnel and ended up at the freight terminal. We had to go all around the moon to get back to the tourist section!

We'd just like to thank you all for once again making the trip so enjoyable. The time just flew by and was over all too soon. I didn't realise it at the time, but this year's trip was the 10th I've organised and some of you have been present on all of them.

Whether we can do it again next year is in the balance. I sincerely hope so, but you all know what the situation is.



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