Panther Enthusiasts Club UK

Essex Area

Althorne Classic Vehicle Show - Sunday 19/8/2007

In aid of the Little Havens Childrens Hospice.

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This was the third time our club had attended this event, and it followed the now familiar format. It was once again spread over the two very large fields, with the car displays, static engines, stalls and entertainment marquee in one field and the arena, tractors, classic lorries, horse and train  rides, log sawing  and steam exhibits in the other. Unfortunately, the weather forcasters who predicted a ghastly day, were right. Heavy overcast skies, frequent showers and cold winds made it unpleasant and this must have been what adversely affected the numbers attending the event. It also confirmed that shower proof gazeboes are not rainproof! Nevertheless, 25 of our stalwart club members thoroughly enjoyed themselves and armed with umbrellas managed to make the most of the day. As last year we were invited back to Mark and Collette's for something to eat. Something to eat? you could have fed the whole street with what was laid out on the dining room table and more kept coming. Magnetic darts proved to be very popular. Elaine, the early star of the oche, faded as the evening went on and as you would expect the males gained the ascendancy. Thank you Mark, Collette (and Mum and Dad) it once again rounded the day off nicely. As usual few photos of the event follow:

One end of our 12 car line up - (later to be increased to 13)

And the other

Lunch time!

and comparatively dry at this stage - like these  two old B*****s

Cliff's boots and socks cause amusement

Steve had to wear a white shirt instead of white hair

Still dry under the gazeboes at this stage

And no sign of waterproof clothing

Wally and Val arrive late after a lie in 

The token Ferrari discreetly separated from the real cars!

The coats are on  

Linda's Kallista gets its first outing for about 18 months!

A familiar view of someone packing a Kallista/Lima

George and Shelagh's Deville fresh from its 3000 mile tour of France

Les and Pearl's car F295RHK now has over 100,000 miles on the clock and still doesn't use any oil

1949 Alvis aero engine was "fired up several times throughout the day 

as was this "Continental radial engine from a D-Day landing craft do you think one would fit in a Deville

Battle begins!

I think Elaine won - for once

Time to wet your whistle rather than your outside.


At the show were: Mark & Collette, Colin & Elaine, Les & Pearl,  Wally & Val,  Mick & Sandie,  Collin & Elaine, Cliff & Yvonne, Dave, John & Linda, Peter & Leigh,  Roy & Jennifer, George & Shelagh and Don & Margaret

Our thanks go to Don & Margaret (the organisers) for setting everything up and bringing their everyday car as well as the Panther so that we could have the benefit of the gazebos and the occasional shower bath. 


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