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Essex Area

Althorne Classic Vehicle Show - Sunday 20/8/2006

In aid of the Little Havens Childrens Hospice.

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This was the second time our club had attended this event, but my first at this venue and I was surprised to see its size. It spread over two very large fields, with the car displays, static engines, stalls and entertainment marquee in one field and the arena, tractors, classic lorries, horse and train  rides, log sawing  and steam exhibits in the other. You would be very hard to please if you found nothing there to interest you. I couldn't drag myself away from the log sawing demonstration. A chestnut tree trunk, about 4 metres long and a metre wide weighing a ton and a quarter was reduced to planks in no time on a portable saw table. Others of more basic tastes preferred to watch belly dancers, who incidentally arrived on gleaming Harleys. Steve and I were in awe of a man who spent three years making every minute piece of a working model traction engine and another three making a model Thrashing Machine. It really put spending 6 months restoring a Mk 1 Lima into  perspective. Mark and Collette completed our day by inviting us all back for a barbeque at their house in Malden. Thankyou Mark and Collette it rounded the day off nicely. A few photos of the event follow:

One end of our 12 car line up - (later to be increased to 13)

And the other

Lunch time!

The Kasbah complete with Harleys

Big girls as per belly dancing tradition

As usual there were many static engines on display

This little engine worked hard all day

A travelling showman and his family lived all their lives in this caravan

Magnificent machines, but where on earth do they keep them 

This Suffolk Punch transported many  throughout the day

Wold War II re-enactment 

Classic bikes take to the arena

Next it was the turn of the tractors

Meanwhile the ladies do what they do best - natter!

Some of our game members in the arena for the fancy hat parade

Tom with his down under hat complete with boomerang and Fosters tinnies 

Some of the group enjoying Mark and Collette's hospitality

the rest at the other end of the garden

Collette with helper (Mum), They really did feed us well!

Dave playing peek-a-boo through the bird table

At the show were: Mark & Collette, Colin & Elaine, Les & Pearl, Dave & Gill, Wally & Val, Mick & Sandie, Tom & Doll, Dave, Steve, Barry, Roy & Jennifer, George & Shelagh and Don & Margaret

Our thanks go to Don & Margaret (the organisers) for setting everything up and bringing their everyday car as well as the Panther so that we had the benefit of the gazebos 

"Belle" of the day!

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