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Knebworth Classic Car Show

Bank Holiday Monday  29th August 2010

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My thanks go to Alec Bradshaw who has provided me with these photographs. Although they had no rain and it was mostly sunny, it was apparently cold and windy! It was not an event we planned to visit, but a few individuals decided at the last minute to go. They had no problem getting in but had to pay the full entrance fee which was 8 per person (16 per car if there were 2 of you). If we had booked in advance the cost would have been 5 per car irrespective of the number of occupants.





Mixed weather and strong winds, but a nice line up of 6 cars.  This would have been another day that the banner would not have survived.

From left to right the cars belong to: Cliff & Yvonne, Dave, Peter & Leigh, Les & Pearl, Colin, and Alec.









Knebworth is not the show it used to be. You would never have had this much space between the car clubs. It was the same on the Sunday last year. I'd hoped Bank Holiday Monday would be better.

The autojumble and stalls were better than last year, which wouldn't have been difficult, because last year was very poor..


Still I understand our little group had an enjoyable day as they usually do when they're in each other's company.









It is not often you see Cliff with a coat on and where are the shorts, its not October yet its August!


By the look of things Les is taking a photograph. Perhaps that will grace this page at a later date.









This Classic Car Club certainly has a variety of vehicles. Somehow I doubt whether they travel in convoy!













If any of the public want to know what a Kit Car really looks like, take a look at these!









Afew more photographs of vehicles that took Alec's eye follow:























A shoehorned in twin cam. The lengths some enthusiasts go to to achieve their goals.













Alec obviously likes XK120,s (who doesn't) as another one follows.














Let me know in advance if you want to go to this event next year and I'll order tickets before hand to save money.



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