Panther Enthusiasts Club UK

Knebworth Annual Classic Car Show

Sunday 30th and Monday 31st August 2009


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In total we had 10 cars attending this event, however, we were not all present on the same day. Seven cars went on Sunday and three on Bank Holiday Monday. Those of us who went on Sunday wished we'd gone on Monday. Sunday was cloudy, cold and again very windy. I thought Hurricane Billy was supposed to have died out - rumours of its demise were exaggerated. As you can see from the photo on the left (taken at 9:30) the day started out OK, but soon deteriorated. It was not a day for sitting in a field, but we made the most of it and had a good look around the show, which I felt was nowhere as big as it used to be. That may be misleading though for it is such a large "field" and there were large spaces between the clubs. However, by all accounts, there certainly wasn't much to interest the ladies. We did enjoy ourselves however, and had a good laugh (mainly about the weather). The meeting was also distinguished by having Ian Adams (and family) there with his repaired Rio and meeting up once again with Jim Ballantyne , who joined our stand with his GT6.

We stayed until about 3pm, by which time the cold winds got the better of us. Those braving the elements on Sunday were: Tony and Jan Appleby, Dennis and Pauline Power, Ian Adams and Family, Steve and Sharon Johnson, Dave Turner, Jim Ballantyne and Jennifer and Roy Biddle.











This picture of our line up was taken later in the day. The poor old banner has once again taken a battering and is beginning to droop. No damage, but it was slowly concertinaing down. We put it out of its misery long before we left. We couldn't stand the flapping any more!











Dennis and Pauline take refuge from the cold winds in their car.














Steve and Jim doing some catching up.
















To Dave's amusement  Jennifer puts on her "I'm really enjoying it here" face.  He thinks she's joking!












Ian finally got to a show with the Rio. He has to be admired for the tenacity he showed in getting the car repaired so quickly. At last he was able to bring all the family with him to an event. It is a very nice car and before you jump to conclusions, No, it is not Dave Stones old car, that one went to Ireland, this one came from the West Country. Ian's car originally broke down with the head gasket gone whilst he was on the M25 and on the way to the Picnic in the Park event at South Weald.











View from the other end. As an aside does anyone know where you can get signwriting similar to that on the boot lid carried out. Is it produced on a thin transparent film and stuck on? Also any idea of cost.










The result of all the work. A gleaming reconditioned "Dolly" engine. (no Jim not a 2CV Dolly). Ian bought 3 engines before he had the right parts to recondition one good one!














Our old friend "the cheeky chappy" Jim Ballantyne came to the event to visit us and show off his latest Classic car, a very nice Mk3 Triumph GT6. Jim is still a member of the PEC although he no longer has a Panther. When he did, he had several, a MK2 Lima, a beautiful Kallista (now owned by Malcolm and Liz) and a Solo. Then came a Naylor, then an "E" type Jag. and now the GT6 - and we say women are fickle!

It was great catching up with him and finding out how he and his family are fairing.

I've no doubt we will be seeing him again, but in what vehicle is anybody's guess, although he did say something about fancying an early  J72. We miss him and Jill at our events, but they're welcome at anytime in whatever classic he may have, as long as it is not a Morgan!










A good clean little car and that Webasto roof almost gives the best of both worlds. However, having sat in it, I can tell you that it is harder to get in and out of than a Panther. The seat is extremely close to the ground. Or is that just a sign of my age?





The cars shown in the following pictures belong to Dennis & Pauline, Tony & Jan, Dave, Roy & Jen and Steve & Sharon respectively.



























Those members who went to Knebworth on Bank Holiday Monday were Cliff and Yvonne Benton, Alec and Mary Bradshaw, Peter and Leigh Heales and Pepper. Monday's weather was the opposite of Sunday's, it started out overcast but by 11am the clouds disappeared and the remainder of the day was spent in sunshine.

These ladies did find something to buy at the show. Mugs with photos of the cars printed on them. Pepper also now features on one of these high class pieces of porcelain. As Alec said in the information he sent me "3 mugs for 3 mugs". Now that is not fair or true, its 4 mugs for 4 mugs, I  bought one on Sunday! If you count Pepper's, its 5 mugs for 4 mugs.

The following photos were kindly sent to me by Alec. In fact because of email problems on his PC I actually received them 9 times.





Arrival, in the gloom and apparently a bit of what Alec called mizzle.










That's more like it a Meet The Fokers "Circle of Trust" sitting in the sunshine chewing the fat.

Note the wide open spaces I mentioned earlier.















Much fun was made of Peter's new "piece de resistance" a collapsible chair with a canopy.

Pah! eat your heart out, wait until you see the 2 new designer chairs Jen and I have bought and we're not the only ones. Mark Kingswell also gone "up market" with a new chair.











These Grinnalls made an impression, and so they should. Powered by BMW motorcycle engines they are extremely fast and have almost motorcycle acceleration. I've been in one. A chap who had developed a bad back, tried my Kallista with a view to changing the type of vehicle he drove. He seemed unimpressed when I blasted up the road to show off the Kallista's performance and I understood why when he took me out in his Grinnall. It was frightening.






Monday's happy group


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