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Sporting Bears Charity Kimbolton Classic Car Show

Sunday July 19th 2009


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It had to happen sometime. We had attended 9 events this year and the weather at all of them had been unbelievably good. Our luck changed at Kimbolton. It rained and then it rained hard and then it deluged. Then the sun came out and just as you thought it was going to turn out fine, it rained again. It was a great shame, Sporting Bears as usual at this event had arranged a good show for us and also sorted out the previous problems of access by having the paying area as far away from where you drive off the road as possible. However, in spite of the weather the public attended in large numbers and made the most of it.

This promised to be our largest event, in the way of number of cars present, but illness, broken cars and the unsettled weather reduced  our "turn out" to 8 cars. Braving the elements were: Tony & Helen Burley, Dave Turner, Bernard Lyster, Dennis & Pauline Power, Bob & Gill Maxwell, Steve & Sharon Johnson, Roger & Karen Edwards and Roy & Jennifer Biddle.

Photographs of the event follow. I must apologise for the quality, my camera is too sophisticated for me and I've over exposed many of them. However, they should give you a flavour of the day.




Our very neat line of cars. The amazing thing is that no one lined them up. People just drove up and parked!














Look at that -- Perfect!

If you are wondering why the Panther banner isn't flying, it was briefly, then the very strong winds snapped the telescopic pole. Hopefully it can be repaired.








This picture gives you some idea as to where we were in relation to the "Castle" this year.









This view was taken from the "Castle" steps towards us at the far side of the cricket square.

It is included to demonstrate the advantages of optical zoom on a camera.











This was taken from exactly the same spot with 7 times optical zoom - remarkable isn't it.













It's always good when Helen and Tony attend an event as there's always plenty to eat. Access the club's web site, look to see if they are coming and don't bother to bring any food if they are!















Dennis is obviously enjoying the cheese scones and Tony should really be fatter than he is with all the baking and cooking that Helen does.


















Feeding of the 5000 over, Helen enjoys a chat with Bernard who has travelled up from Kent for the day.

















The sun is shining, but don't be fooled, it didn't last long and look at that rain spattered bonnet on Steve and Sharron's Lima.
















This nice "F" reg.  Kallista belongs to Roger and Karen Edwards, seen here posing in the sunshine. They have owned the car about a year now and were attending their first event with the club. Let's hope we or the weather haven't put them off coming to others.

I believe Roger said that the car has only done 16000 miles!










To those of you who have been to this Sporting Bears event in the past, this will be a familiar sight.








 will this scene of people "strutting their stuff" to the big band.













The magnificent Brookfield Shires were on display again. This time they performed a musical ride with a mixture of mounted riders and small "carts" ( I'm sure that's the wrong word.)
















These light "carts" are built by the Amish people of Ohio in the United States.












The pictures of the Shires in the main arena were taken in the rain, but not rain like this. Just look at these two pictures taken during the deluge.

People packed like sardines into a gazebo in the centre of the main thoroughfare.

Very cosy!












There were absolutely no complaints from the beer tent. They did a roaring trade. The trouble was you couldn't fight your way to the bar to get a drink!













At these shows there's is usually a few cars that are different and turn heads ( sometimes its Panthers) and this little car is the one that took my eye. It was beautifully made and a credit to the chap who constructed it.











It has a "made up" Italian sounding name and the builder tried to keep the Italian connection by putting a 2ltr twin overhead cam engine, from a Lancia Beta in it. It really does look authentic, but here is the surprise, it is basically a Triumph GT6 with suspension mods.







The sunshine appeared about 3pm and we all hoped we would dry out and enjoy pleasant weather for the rest of the day, but it didn't last and by 3:30 we were beginning to drift away home. The chances of the promised fly past of historic planes actually happening looked extremely doubtful so we called it a day. Let's hope we have better weather for our next "big" event, which is Rougham on the 16th August.


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