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Sporting Bears Charity Event - Kimbolton  20th July 2008

Held in the Castle School grounds

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Nigel & Mary Plunkett arranged our presence at this popular event after a break of about 3 years and it seemed bigger and better than ever. However, if we go again and I'm sure we will, make sure you are there well before 10am. Those arriving around 10am took up to an hour to get in! As usual the cars were spread throughout the beautiful grounds of the Kimbolton Castle school. A central arena was set aside for events, but other than that only the cricket pitch wasn't covered with car displays or stalls/display areas. In the main arena there were sheep dog displays, Shire horse displays, Birds of Prey, Beagles, and Dog Agility events, whilst in the secondary arena Punch & Judy, Skipping (would you believe!), Morris dancing and The Galaxy Big Band with its 1940's big band sound that really got the feet tapping. As a finale to the day there was a World War 2 fly past of a Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster bomber. They made several low runs over the showground and what a sight and sound that was. 

The weather was generally good although it did threaten at times to rain and perhaps make the flypast impossible, but our luck held and generally it was shirt sleeve order throughout the day. We had eight cars on show, there should have been 10, but car problems kept some away. However to compensate we were pleased to receive visits from others who came without their cars. Altogether this was a very good show and one that most feel should be a regular on the events page. 

Many photographs of the event follow. They may not all load at once. If that happens try clicking on refresh.

Our social circle

Our line up of cars - we really must get Liz to park her family taxi further away - it gets more attention than the Panthers!

from the other end

Where we were in relation to the Castle School

Another view of the line up

more of the social circle


ditto the gap behind us is the cricket pitch

Malcolm and Liz's daughter, Monica keeps us amused

Steve and Sharon call in to see us for a chat

The cake lady has just been

Helen "the cake" doing what she always does

She's been here as well - looks like Annabelle's missed out though!

Hubby Tony and Les didn't

Nor did Dennis and Dave

View of the central part of the show from the school steps

View to the right of the school steps

Magnificent Shire horses fresh from their stint in the ring

The Goldwing club keeping up their tradition of providing rides for the Charity - They were even entertaining us with wheelies!

These are just some of the cars you could "buy" a ride in for the charity. The selection also included an Aston Martin and an original SS100

Looks as though the Hog Roast has been popular

Lindy Hopper fans strutting their stuff to the popular Galaxy Swing Band

The Mini clubs always put on a good show

Petrol Head cars

Little did Colin Chapman realise what he had started

I love TVR's - but Jennifer doesn't unfortunately


Porsches Porsches every where


One of my favourites TRs - sorry about the Morgans

Austin Healys remained aloof the other side of the cricket green. Funny looking one on the end

A glorious old Renault. It arrived on a trailer but motered under its own power around the show ground

Even Dave Stone would have been proud of that engine

Alternative transport - I've always fancied one of these, only fear stops me trying one out

Spitfire, Lancaster and Hurricane thunder overhead

Bomb bay open - the magnificent Lancaster bomber

What a sight - what a sound

To all those ladies who moan about the comfort of our Panthers, be thankful we could own one of these!

Those with cars on display were Nigel & Mary, Bob & Gill, Les & Pearl, Dennis & Pauline, Malcolm and Liz, Tony & Helen, Dave (Turner) and Roy & Jennifer. It was great to have Annabel and Stan and Steve and Sharon pay us a visit and stay for a while. Terry & Larraine were down to come but had car trouble. Get those electrics sorted out before the French Trip Terry. Finally a special mention to Malcolm and Liz who took both cars on holiday so that they could come straight on to the event. That wasn't all they also had a cricket club function to attend in the evening. Well done you two and also a big thank you to Nigel and Mary for organising our day out and providing many of the photographs.


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