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Sunday 18th July 2010

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We have attended this show for many years as it is one of our favourite venues and it is always in a good cause. However, this years show differed from previous years in a significant way. Nigel Plunkett arranged for the PEC and the PCC to share the stand, something that hasn't happened before and a few years back was unthinkable. However, time and members have moved on, attitudes have changed and the occasion was a great success, which is hardly surprising as there are now very few of those PEC members who attend events, who are not also members of the PCC.

The weather was a refreshing change from that we experienced last year and all but one of the 17 cars on show arrived early to beat the long queue to get in. Had everyone booked to attend been able to come we would have had a nice round figure of 20 cars on show, roughly split 50/50 between the two clubs. Kimbolton school is a lovely setting and we were on the manicured lawns beside the cricket "table", which allows you plenty of space, but also means you are not sheltered from the wind. It was a great relief when we finally took the Panther banner down and the flapping ceased!

At the show were: Steve & Sharon Johnson, Dennis & Pauline Power, Geoff & Roz Coad, Mark & Collette Kingswell, Les & Pearl Pratt, Colin Pratt, Bernard Lyster, Tony & George Ansell, Nigel & Mary Plunkett, Phil & Sally Tucker, Martin Collen, Dave Turner, Mick & Terri Laplain, Stan & Annabel Mammen, Alec & Mary Bradshaw, Tony & Helen Burley , and Roy Biddle.

Nigel, Alec and I (Roy Biddle) have provided the photographs that follow:






      Just a reminder of last year's weather!













                                 One car still to come














        2 neat lines - still one missing. Note how green the grass is. They must have had a lot more rain than the South East.












Pink Panther (side of les's car) and black Panther together

George, Mick, Tony and Terri settling in.














The poor old banner took a bashing all day long. It took 3 guy ropes to hold it up. It did sag a bit as the pole concertinaed down, but it didn't break and for once repairs are not necessary.













          Just one MkII Lima on display















Thank you everyone for letting me walk around all day with a great dollop of white emulsion on my ankle.













The two Mary's and Alec intent on something off to their left. As well as carrying around all that is left of the regalia, Alec always manages to get the black Panther in.














Sally, Phil, Terri and Mick enjoying the warm afternoon sunshine.














Tony sans pipe making a nice colour contrast with Colin's canary yellow MKI. The picture's a bit out of proportion as I had to exclude Helen from the right of it.  You wouldn't have thanked me Helen if I'd included you. The face you were pulling as you chewed on that roll didn't do you justice. Unfortunately, this was the only photo we had of your camera shy husband, so we had to include it!














 In spite of England's World Cup performance, Mark is still flying the flag.













Stan (the man) and Annabel finally arrive to take up their position on the end of the line.















This picture was taken by Nigel from the school steps using his new camera's telephoto lens. In this shot you can see what a lovely setting it is, (if the weather is fine!)












You never go hungry if Helen and Mary are coming! Here Helen is struggling to find room for her quiches and cakes on a table already laden with the produce of Mary's kitchen. Very enjoyable they all were too.
















Old friends, Pauline, Dennis, Stan and Annabel, catch up with the news.











It looks as though Nigel is demonstrating how to thump somebody, but that's an imaginary fishing pole he's holding. He's just been on a fishing course in Wales so expect to see this pose often.














Les, Pearl Colin, Geoff and Roz pose for the camera. It's good to see Pearl's leg problems have improved and that the journeys in the Panther are bearable.













Dream Rides - for a small fee, donated to the charity you could have a ride in any of these vehicles. The Honda Goldwing motorcycle club were also here, as usual, providing a similar service.













I rather fancied a ride in this little Renault














Look at that sky! It looked ominous, but no rain fell.














I don't want to upset J72 owners, but as good as a J72 looks it can't match the proportions of this SS100.













The crowds watching couples jive to the Galaxy big band. Always a popular side show at Kimbolton.














The Galaxy band













The Civil War re-enactment society. They had a whole army camp site set up, wore all the authentic gear and had the correct weapons including muskets that made a terrific din when fired. I reckon most musketeers must eventually have been deaf.













The Suffolk Punches are also a popular regular feature of the show.












As with a lot of shows owners are invited to bring their classics into the arena. Here the Alfa Romeo club displays models from ancient to modern. Pauline will have been pleased to see the MITO included in the line up.





I have so many pictures of the event it is hard to know what to include and what to leave out. Most of the big clubs were  there in force Stags, Austin Healeys, Triumph Sports Cars, Triumph Saloons, Minis, Caterhams, MGs,  Jaguar, the list goes on and on. Virtually all were immaculate. However there was the usual______


work in progress.


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