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Kimbolton Country Fayre - Kimbolton Castle

A Rotary Club and Sporting Bears Event

Sunday 10th July 2011

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Nigel Plunkett once again organised our attendance at this popular event in the very attractive grounds of the Kimbolton college. It really is a beautiful venue for this annual event. The organisers have also improved even further the entrance procedure to this event, consequently the long and tedious queues to get in have largely disappeared. The location of Kimbolton and the sharing of the event with the Panther car Club Ltd helped swell the number of Panther members at the event to 19. These days that is a very good attendance, but whilst it was good it was tinged with a little disappointment that we didn't exceed the 20 barrier, especially as if everyone booked to attend had been able to do so we would have had around 24 cars present. However, as a consolation for those who for whatever reason couldn't come, there is always the thought that the event will be on again next year.

The event followed the tried and trusted formula of previous years, with a Main Stage that featured The Galaxy Big Band, Lindy Hoppers, Irish dancers, Morris dancers and children's entertainment. Whilst featured in the Main Ring were 2 dog diplays, a motorcycle stunt man, and the Sealed Knot display and mock battles. Every year I marvel at the extreme noise those flintlocks make when fired and I'm a bit deaf! (Jennifer would  say very deaf) The final event in the Main Ring was a parade of vintage vehicles. There was the usual 2 avenues of craft and food stalls to wander up and down and also a craft fayre in the "castle" building. The pork and apple sausages I bought were absolutely delicious.

For me one of the biggest attractions of this event is that all types of desirable vehicles are present, from veterans to modern exotic supercars and motorcycles, although of the latter only the Goldwing club are there in any numbers.

Our 19 cars arrived fairly early and took up their position on "stand" 44. Such is the level of what to see at the show, if, as in my case, you didn't see some people arrive, the chances are you wouldn't see them at all until the end of the day. The sight of 19  Panthers on display is a rare occurrence these days and as a consequence it was very pleasing to see. The morning weather was ideal, we were even able to erect the Panther banner without fear of it breaking or gradually collapsing as it does in windy conditions. However, by late morning one or two ominous clouds were gathering and around 2pm the rain began to fall - at least it was warm rain. Umbrellas had two purposes, initially as protection from the sun and later to provide shelter from the rain! The rain ceased just after 3pm and the sun once more shone on us.  Thinking the rain was set in several cars departed with their hoods up, but those of us who left later were able to enjoy more hoods down motoring. However, on my journey down the A1m I realised I could possibly be in for a wetting when all the cars travelling from the south had their headlights on. Sure enough the heavens did open and I was very thankful I didn't encounter any traffic jams and was able to stay dry!

The 19 cars belonged to: Dave Turner, Martin Collen, Peter & Leigh Heales, Phil Tucker, Steve & Sharon, Johnson, Tony & Jan Appleby, Richard & Shirley Wozniakewicz, Mark & Collette Kingswell, Annabelle & Stan Mammen, Dennis & Pauline Power, Tony & Helen Burley, Alec Bradshaw, Bernard Lyster, Ray & Julia Dowd, Trevor Darrington, John & Pam Edwards, Colin Addisdon, Nigel Plunkett (thanks for all you did Nigel) and me Roy Biddle.

Photographs from the day follow:












Brollies against the sunshine!





If you want to know what tobacco Tony smokes look and Helen's brollie



Leigh's dogs have their own type of umbrella


Mark at last gets his hands on that bottle of gin he won last Christmas in the CVCM raffle


Nigel enjoys a well earned lunch and a pint of something



Dennis & Pauline regulars at Kimbolton



Richard & Shirley enjoy their lunch with a bottle of plonk


Come on fellas you can do better than that. Note how Pam's top is such an exact match to the yellow of their Lima. John your yellow is nowhere near and Steve your top is nothing like the blue of your car!


And now for the alternative use of a brollie. Mark & Collette were doing this at our last event as well.


The rain did clear away in time for the fly past of the Lancaster bomber. What a magnificent sight and sound it is too.


And finally a sight to gladden the heart. As I was walking back to our stand I came across this
encouraging situation. A woman was crouched, lovingly polishing her husband's car whilst he looked
on. Such devotion! Come on ladies be inspired by this woman's example to show your man how much you
appreciate him.

Non Panther Cars at Show

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