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Classics at the 50's American Diner

Organised by the Chelmsford Valley Car Meet (CVCM)

3rd June 2009

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 This event was mainly organised as a show case for American Cars, but anyone with a classic car was welcome. It was a charity event hosted by the Southern Jivers Rock and Roll Club, and donations collected on the night went to the Diabetes Charity. The venue was The Checkers cafe on the Dukes Park Industrial Estate in Chelmsford.

It was a well attended evening with, I estimate 60+ cars turning up on the night. Many types of vehicle were present, from old English classics to modern American Mustangs, but it was the sound of the mighty V8 engines that created the most interest. All heads would turn to see what was coming as the telltale throb and roar of a tuned V8 was heard coming down the road.  However, the engine that made me smile most was the Jowett's. The putt putt putt of the flat twin was a delightful sound and reminded me of the old Trojan vans. Is it the same engine? When I saw the red and black Hillman (I think) with the flames finish I immediately thought of John Gibson. He'll tell you why if you ask him!

The Checkers cafe did a roaring trade in hot dogs and hamburgers all night and the rock and roll music kept your feet tapping as you queued up to buy them. It was a good evening - certainly better than sitting in front of the television! If you haven't been to one of these evening meetings organised by Colin Moles of the CVCM you are missing a good evening out. The next one is on Wednesday 8th July at 7.00pm onwards and is at the Horse and Groom Pub on Galleywood common. Arrive early if you wish to eat. If you want directions to the pub give me a ring 01702 218197.

I took more than a few photographs throughout the evening and have reproduced some of them here.






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