Panther Enthusiasts Club UK

The Mayor of Chelmsford's Charity Classic Car Show

National "Drive it Day" at Hylands House Chelmsford

April 26th 2009


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 The event was lucky. It occurred on the last day of a short period of glorious spring weather. The Monday that followed was wet cold and windy. Usually the weather breaks on the day of the event. Needless to say we made the most of it and enjoyed a very good event in beautiful surroundings. We shared a "block" of space with the Chelmsford Valley Car Meet but even so managed to get all but one of the 7 Panthers in a continuous line. Mick and Sandie's Lima wasn't far away however, being just behind us in the next line.

Hylands House with its vast grounds and manicured lawns is an ideal place for a car show. The organisers also arranged the many cars (around 200 I think) in a manner that showed them off to the best advantage. The layout plus the great weather, and  the other facilities and sideshows present meant that we were left with the opinion that this was an event we would like to attend again.

A few photographs of the day follow:

The Programme of Events that kept us amused

Our "Pose" of Panthers - if you look hard the can see Mick & Sandie's Lima (pictured above) in the line behind

Les & Pearl's 100,,000 mile plus 2.9i pays us another visit from Hampshire

My camera hasn't done it justice, but Ian's J72 is absolutely beautiful. Ian also has another J72, a 2.8 Kallista and a Rio!

Dave's Kallista has been pampered and now has re-upholstered cream leather seats

Malcolm's Kallista gets a rare outing and the Mor*#@ is left sulking at home

Steve and Sharon's trusty Lima looks good for another season.

Peter and Leigh's immaculate Ferrari 308 - our token thoroughbred. I was amazed that they managed to get a gazebo in the back of this car, however, it spite of the weather forecast it wasn't needed

We're going to stop Liz bringing the girls to the shows in her Nissan Figero as it always gets more attention than the Panthers, either that or she'll have to park it further away!

Conversation flowed throughout the day as people soaked up the sunshine.

Note the A35 - is this a 1st? Clamping your car at a Classic car Show

Charlotte,  Monica and Oliver(behind chair) kept us awake if we looked like dozing off.

Steve and Sharon enjoying the delights of a local Rossi ice-cream

The recently restored Hylands House, with selected cars parked in pride of place. One of which is Peter & Leigh's Ferrari 308

The Classic Cars were arranged several lines deep along the entrance drive

and nearer the house amongst the oak trees

All this was in front of the house. Behind the house were bouncy castles, donkey rides and rides in carts pulled by the magnificent resident Suffolk Punches.

Chalk and Cheese

The band was great. Perhaps it depended upon your age but I thought they played some pretty cool stuff in spite of their name - The Stealth Taxis

Pleasant surroundings - this cafe area is next to the stable block  - having inspected the stables, I can tell you that those Suffolk Punches are pampered.

There was absolutely no need to go hungry, with local produce stalls marketing, bread, cakes,  sausages and cheese. I went home laden with some of everything. I must warn my friends not to let me breathe on them after eating the smoked Stilton and I'll have a glass of water handy when I eat the spicey Welsh Dragon sausages.


Present were Dave Turner, Ian & Oliver Adams, Mike & Sandie Bailey, Steve and Sharon Johnson, Malcolm, Liz Charlotte & Monica Jones, Peter and Leigh Heales,  Les & Pearl Pratt and me (Roy Biddle - Jennifer was ill) 



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