Panther Enthusiasts Club UK

Honfleur Trip 14th to 18th August 2003

The club's French trip this year was to Honfleur in Calvados, Normandy. We carried out a preliminary recce in September 2002 to identify a hotel suitable for the club and willing to let out sufficient rooms. A further recce was carried out in March to map out the various daily excursions and as it happened, to  beg for more rooms. A full write up of the trip appears in the September 2003 magazine, and photographs are also present under section 70 of George's web site. Eight Essex members went on the trip and I was heavily involved in the organisation so I think George will forgive us if we also show  photographs on our Essex site. 


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The rendezvous

Lunch at the beach cafe below the hotel

Looks good

First of many Moules for John

Peter obviously likes then too

You look as though you enjoyed that Jennifer

Unfortunately this lot were too late for food.

The lower car park for the elite.

How many moules did you eat John?

"I was awake and could hear them sawing the bone"

The Dorset set entering in to the spirit of things

As are Les and Alan

Pauline and Jennifer

Michelle and Pearl

Just be thankful he has a glass in each hand Margaret

Go away Les this bottle's mine

The snapper snapped

John and Linda in training for Saturday night

Shirley and Richard in less formal attire

Gill what is that you're drinking or are you just laughing at George's shirt

Jim and Larraine scorn the chairs - early evening obviously

A neat line of 13 cars - soon to be 14

Panther Enthusiasts in famous scenery

An Honfleur backstreet

Another famous view of Honfleur - I don't know her other name

What are this lot looking at in Bayeux?

It's another watermill!

Bayeux cathedral

Some of the cathedral windows

13 Panthers in a line at Arromanche

Sea food and eat it diet - the start

2 hours later

Come on Linda - you're slacking!

Activity in the hotel car park

Chateau St. Germain-de-Livet car park

Group photo in the chateau courtyard

Spot the peacocks

Leaving the chateau

Trish posing at the Manoir de Coupe Sarte

Wally, Steve you're spoiling the view

All agree it's a beautiful un-spoilt Normandy home

Typical Normandy farm buildings

The picnic site

The ladies take pity on me and prepare the food

Now look, what do we do? Do we wake John up and go back to help George or go to the motor museum?

Larraine impersonating Rapunzel

Margaret, Peter, Steve and Trish

Andy, Rosemary, Richard, Shirley, Frank and Clare

George, Sue, Wally, Val, John and Shelagh

Michelle, Alan, Larraine, Terry, Gill and Jim

Pauline, Shirley, Joan, Bill, Richard and Dennis

Jennifer, Linda, Les, my empty seat and John

Sunset as seen from the restaurant

Eating in old Boulogne

Ditto - rest of party

For Bill's amusement!

    Take a close look at the "thank you" card Richard and Shirley sent me. Our own Bayeux Tapestry. Note: the Panthers (top), my green Kallista (complete with knock on wheels), Richard and Shirley's car, John and Linda's Deville and Peter and Margaret's Lima. Then in the bottom margin, you have the saga of George's car being repaired. Note jump leads and George's shorts.

One of those two is very talented!. 

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