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Help for Heroes

Classic Car Event Faversham Kent

Sunday 8th August 2010

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We attended the first Faversham Help for Heroes event in 2009 and it was a fairly "low key" event. However, the popularity of Help for Heroes charity events has certainly grown and this year's Faversham event was very much bigger. The stalls, side shows and boot sale were much about the same, but the number of classic and interesting cars attending has increased immensely.

We had just 4 cars on show belonging to Peter & Leigh Heales, Cliff & Yvonne Benton, Mark & Collette Kingswell and myself (Roy Biddle). The weather was good and the day seemed to fly. It was a very enjoyable outing. The only down side was the long queue to leave the site, it seemed to take for ever to get out. By the time we did get out my left foot hurt from  the continual depressing of the heavy clutch pedal on my Kallista. I'll wear thicker soled shoes next time.

Some photographs of the event follow, but I apologise for the quality of the photographs. My digital camera was not cheap and in What Camera magzine is highly regarded but somehow the photos are always dark and gloomy. Some I took were just too poor to be included. It is probably too sophisticated for me!





Are we all lined up OK?

After Cliff made several attempts to park in a straight line everyone's car but his was out of line.

 It was quicker to move our three than his one!










That will do -  if we had all that trouble with 4 cars, goodness knows how long it will take us with 14 at Rougham next week.















Cars parked it's time for breakfast.












Our social circle, with Mark & Collette's ingenious little camping stove brewing up fresh tea and coffee and Yvonne displaying her boot sale purchases. In case any of you are reading too much into Cliff's grin, they are doll's clothes not baby clothes.














Some people will buy anything. This is Leigh's prize purchase from the boot sale, a gosunder. Apparently she collects them!













This band played throughout the day and constantly had my foot tapping. So much so that I bought their CD. I thought I'd play it on the Kallista's stereo and then realised its original Blaupunkt radio only has tape input.














Space was a bit cramped. We sat cheek by jowl with a group of MG B owners and at times were included in each others conversations.


The following 4 pictures give some idea of the variety of vehicles on display, whilst the single seater makes me realise how amateurish my attempts at car restoration are. This car is a work of art. It is road legal, note mudguards, indicators and tow bar. I presume his wife and luggage go in the trailer!

































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