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Herne Bay Classic car and Bike Show

Saturday 1st May 2010

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On the dismal rainy May Bank Holiday that occurred this year, if you were attending an event, Saturday was the day to do it. The sun actually shone for virtually all the early part of the day although there was a cold NE wind blowing. We had seven cars on display at this popular event which is held throughout the streets of Herne Bay town. We were parked in a little park just behind the High Street. The 3 cars from Essex (Cliff & Yvonne, Dave, and Peter & Leigh) and another from Surrey (Alec) were "on parade" promptly at 9am and were joined later by the three "local" cars (Bernard, John, Steve, Vicki and Jackie). As usual the cars created a great amount of interest.

Street entertainment, which makes this event so enjoyable was much in evidence again this year. Solo singers small bands and the ever present Morris Dancers. Fortunately, the popular group that plays all day was not too near (50 yards away) and consequently not too loud to drown out conversation.

A great variety of vehicles were parked throughout the town and ranged from the ancient to the desirable modern. The amount of time and money some enthusiasts must spend on their vehicles is astonishing.

Nice to see Peter (accompanied by Leigh this time) out for his second event in his recently acquired Kallista. I hope the Ferrari is not getting the hump Peter. I must check with Leigh how the two compare with regard to comfort. Judging by what the other ladies say about Panthers, I think I know what the answer will be!

All had an enjoyable day, but were ready to depart just as the rain started. However, their departure was delayed by the official photographer who set up his/her tripod in order to photograph the cars - even taking the trouble to leather of the rain to avoid distortion. Anyone know if copies of these Photographs can be obtained from the Herne Bay Council. Photoshoot over the cars departed for home with hoods up against the rain which was to continue right through the next day and spoil Sunday's event at Woburn Abbey.

A few photos follow, for which we must thank Alec Bradshaw.


9am line up

Peter's newley acquired Kallista comes in for some scrutiny.

How does John Mendez fit in a Kallista?

That wasn't fair - putting Dave next to John.

Apparently, they squeezed our 7 cars up into the corner in order to get another 4 cars in and they didn't turn up!

Why choose a Morris Minor to lavish so much time and money on?

Be thankful you're in a Panther ladies, this one is really drafty!




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