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Herne Bay Classic Car & Bike Show

Saturday 30th April 2011

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Seven Panthers and their occupants attended the annual Herne Bay Classic Car and Bike Show on Saturday 30th April in glorious weather. Which was a welcome change from previous years as more often than not we shiver at this show. Herne Bay put on a great show for everyone. There is no charge for entry, but several bands are there to entertain you as well as clowns, Morris dancers, carnival queen and other acts AND you get a 2 voucher towards a breakfast. It really is quite a festive occasion.

Those with cars present were, Geoff & Roz Coad, John & Jackie Mendes, Bernard Lyster, Tony Ansell, Dave Turner, Cliff Benton, and myself (Roy Biddle). In addition Alec and Mary Bradshaw and Steve and Sharon Johnson had a day out at the seaside and joined us. Apologies were received from Peter and Leigh Heales who would have provided the eighth car.

Photographs of the event follow, together with hopefully relevant comments:






Our cars were parked in the little park next to the main cark park and near to the centre of the town. The park was shared with a few other cars and camper vans and ONE M@#*+N. Yes once again there was only one!  Where have they all gone? Have the woodworms been working overtime during the winter?













On the edge of this little park was the main band stand which was fine for me, because I quite enjoyed all the music that was played and I'm a bit Mutt and Jeff, but the close proximity of the bands did make conversation difficult at times.




The following photographs show our group comfortably ensconced in front of the cars.











































This young blond lady was the lead in the Doris Day tribute band which played for an hour. She looked the part, but was a little off key at times

The Russ Lowe Band that followed did play some good music, but really did give your eardrums a bashing.


I took the following pictures to illustrate the variety of vehicles being displayed



















































                                           In case you don't recognise it. It is an immaculate Ariel Leader


Here's a discussion point for you raised by Cliff Benton who really takes exception from the fact
that cars like these qualify for ZERO road tax!    WHY?  They obviously can no longer be considered
the car they were originally built as.



And finally those of you who may well recognise me may be wondering
how I've managed to acquire a full head of hair. It is still grey I admit
but it looks better doesn't it?  -  a bit Rod Stewart ish don't you think?
The trouble is I had to give the sun visor complete with "thatch"
back to Alec who needs it as much as I do.







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