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Hedingham Castle Classic Car Show 16th September 2007

Held in the castle grounds

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This event was a last and first, it was our last planned event of the season and a first for us and Hedingham Castle as they had never before hosted a classic car show and as a first it was a very good show. As you can see from the photographs below the setting was beautiful and the quality of the cars was also excellent. The dramatic Norman keep, which boasts the largest Norman arch anywhere in the world was a great centrepiece around which to arrange the cars. Other places of interest within the grounds were the magnificent old Tudor bridge and the mansion, which I imagine is the administrative centre of the estate. Woodland and lakeside walks are laid out throughout the grounds should you fancy a bit of exercise!  The organisers came around to each stand a presented a bottle of Castle Hedingham wine to each club and asked what should be done to improve the event. The general opinion seemed to be that there should be something there for the ladies to look at like craft stalls or male strippers. We had a good "pose" of Panthers, a display of 10 cars and they all looked great. It was nice to see Les and Pearl, all the way from Hampshire.  The weather, as you can see, was glorious.

Distant view of the castle from the lake - space for stalls?

Part of the lakeside walk

Quiet picnic spot

The magnificent old Tudor bridge forms a backdrop to some great cars

Great setting but too small for our 11 cars

Red label Bentley and 2 Rolls (old and comparatively new) outside the Mansion House

View from the Norman keep

View from one end of  our "pose" of Panthers 

and the "pose" photographed from the other end - note the knot of men

What are these men doing?

How many men does it take to put up a Panther banner? - All of them!  Where were you George when we needed you?

Note our cars are in the shade in this view

and in this one!

which explains why we are all sitting here - it was really chilly out of the sun

Dave and Gill with the bottle of Castle Hedingham wine they won in our "draw"

The keep, from the outside it looks like its built of concrete breeze blocks, but it is impressive inside. At the base the walls are a good 12 feet thick

At this last show of the season were: Don & Margaret, Colin & Elaine, Tom & Doll, Mark & Collette, Dave & Gill, Les & Pearl, Wally & Val, Steve and Trish, Roy & Jennifer, Barry & friend 


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