Panther Enthusiasts Club UK

Essex Area

Joint Meeting with TVR Club 14th October 2007

Held at Forrester Park Golf and Tennis Club

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This was a beautiful warm sunny morning, not a cloud in the sky and it was October. Four Panthers made their way to meet Mark who had been playing a round of golf at his local Golf Club in Great Totham, where the TVR Club hold their monthly meet, Several TVRs were already present but the vast majority arrived on mass after a drive through the Essex countryside. The men were soon in deep conversation about engines and the women about mid life ailments! Although Collette did well very well when engaged in conversation about Panthers. Lunch was booked and a very delicious one at that. A very tasty starter and followed by a very generous carvery. No room for a pud. After coffee we made our way outside to view the Green and a very eager Mark would have been happy to play another 9 holes had he not been so full!!!

Thanks to Mark & Collette for arranging this, also attending were Val & Wally, Mick & Sandy and Don & Margaret.

 For once our Panthers are outnumbered

 The ladies making the most of the sunshine

Nice to see Don's Lima (maroon and silver) still on the road in October

I'm impressed somehow they managed to get Don to leave his dinner and his beer to take this photo of the jolly group.



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