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Wednesday Evening July 8th 2009


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This informal evening event was organised by Colin Moles of the Chelmsford Valley Car Meet (CVCM). There was no booking, if you fancied a run out in your classic, vintage or sports car, you just turned up. It started at 7pm and went on until you wanted to go home. The weather was not as good as last year so numbers were down, 120 cars this year compared with 200 last year. Irrespective of the weather you can see it is a very popular event. I'd never been to Galleywood Common before and was surprised at what a lovely area it is. The cars were parked on the Common outside the Horse and Groom small country pub. It is a great setting.

So far, I (Roy Biddle) am the only PEC member to have attended these CVCM evening meetings and I think they are great. No club stands, no banners just a group of like minded people taking a mid week drive out in their pride and joys. The next one is on the 5th August  and is at Steeple in Essex (of course). The cars are parked behind The Star public house.

Following are a few photographs of the Galleywood evening. They are a bit dull as it was dusk when I took them.




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