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Faversham's Help For Heroes Charity Event

Sunday August 9th 2009


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Just 4 cars attended this event, but the journey down the A2/M2 was well worth while. Firstly the weather was just great and the show, although not huge, was very enjoyable. In a previous year we attended a very good show here where the cars were displayed either around the closed to traffic town streets or central public car park. However, this event was held at a school just outside the main town and was coupled with a large boot sale. I must say I preferred the former format, but the event was still enjoyable and for a worthy cause.

I hadn't been to a boot sale for years, but I must do it more often, for a total of 5 I bought 3 left handed golf clubs and a brand new badminton racquet! One of the following photographs will leave you in no doubt what Cliff bought.

Helping the Heroes on behalf of the PEC were: Peter and Leigh Heales, Cliff and Yvonne Benton, Tony and Jan Appleby and Roy Biddle.

A few photos of the event follow:




Our 4 cars resplendent under blue skies














   Its not long before our "camp circle" is set up behind Peter and Leigh's Ferrari. (They had food and drink - and a table!)












Next it's breakfast time. Hot bacon rolls and teas all round.














Breakfast over it's time to relax before taking a look at the boot sale. Cliff tries Peter's straw boater for size. It certainly won't fit after being stretched on that head!














You obviously can have too much of a good thing, out come the brollies to provide some shelter from the sun.

Jan seen here with her husband, Tony, was introduced to Panthering via an advantageous route. She thinks that a MK2 Lima is the height of comfort! Perhaps Tony's previous choice of fun car has something to do with that - it was a Westfield!









Just to prove I was there, we took a photo with me in it. Those legs really shouldn't see the light of day - should they?












This furry little fellow was looking under Cliff's bonnet to see if it could solve Cliff's overheating problems, when WHAM.

I'll give you one guess what Cliff bought at the Boot Sale.







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