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Essex Area visit to Faversham Classic Car Show

and Shepherd Neame Brewery

Sunday 21st May 2006

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Although this was the 10th anniversary of this event it was new to the Panther Club and consequently we didn't know what to expect. Initially we were "underwhelmed". It just seemed to be a small group of classic club cars in a small car park, but the main attraction turned out to be all the classic cars displayed throughout the old town, which was closed to traffic. In spite of the weather there was a carnival atmosphere and this coupled with the visit to the brewery made it a very rewarding day. Some photographs from the day follow:

The rendezvous a few miles from Faversham

Our neat line of cars in the club car park

and from the other end - we're obviously next to the Morri- Minors

We thought this was it - thankfully it wasn't

Trish togs up in case Steve wants the hood down on the way home

Hooray more cars are spread around the town

and here's more

and more - this is more like it!

Bikes too - and..........

a speedway bike for Don and Tom to admire

the very pleasant old town was closed to traffic

another view of the bikes outside and under the Guildhall

they even allowed a few modern bits of tin ware in

Morri-minors are obviously popular - here's some more

dry weather use only..........

you must be joking!

I hope Steve takes this off before he drives home

Some of the street entertainers - collecting for charities

A much relieved Margaret - she should be she was locked in the brewery toilet long enough and would have still been there without the aid of her mobile phone.

Err - where's everybody gone? - last to leave as usual

In the group, from left to right are: Margaret,  Don, Doll, Jennifer, Collette, Mark, Yvonne, Val, Tom, Wally, Steve, Trish and me (Roy) taking the photograph

Damp but still in good spirits, the gang pose for the obligatory group photograph

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