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Restoration of Lima Mk1 EGS140T

April 2006 to April 2007

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EGS140T is the 4th Lima I have restored. Compared to the last one I did it was in not too bad a condition, but as with virtually all Mk 1 Limas, in order to make the necessary chassis repairs, the body had to be removed. The car is unusual in that it is an AUTOMATIC. I've been a member of the PEC for 10 years and this is first automatic LIMA I've come across.

The following photographs more or less chronicle the restoration, but obviously do not tell the whole story of difficulties encountered during the year it took me to complete it. Many hours were spent combing EBAY for spare parts and George Newell's spares sheds came to the rescue several times as did Bruno Eismark.

The previous pictures show the car as bought and then stripped down ready for action. The car was an abandoned restoration project (due to ill health) It was a "non-runner" and was difficult to move as the rear brakes had seized on. One plus was it came with 5 new tyres! The wheels had been sprayed silver, but unfortunately had rusted again due to the car being kept in damp conditions.

With a new battery, cleaned plugs and points and a make shift gravity feed petrol tank, I was able to start the car and was pleased to see the correct oil pressure reading come up on the gauge. All should be OK there then.

The following pictures show the typical chassis rust, to which MK1 Limas are prone, but which with the body off are not too difficult to repair.

The following photos show the chassis after patching and sealing and then finally painted. Both the inside and underside of the chassis was painted with Hammerite and then the underside was also given a coat of underseal. 

The body was re-fitted and and then prepared for spraying. Easily said, but it took a long time, as did the masking up!-

Almost there! The following photographs are of the final stages of the project. Wiring sorted out (ghastly job - I never enjoy that part of the restoration), new windscreen glass and windscreen fitted, cockpit trimmed, hood repaired by Bruno (new windows and reinforced corners), and seats given a few coats of leather paint. Just the new exhaust to finally clamp up, oil and petrol to be poured in and then I'll attempt to start it once again!

The following photographs are of the almost finished article. The car passed the MOT without problem, the automatic gearbox performs well and the car feels right on the road. However, as at 7th March the fuel gauge is not working and the speedometer is waving around so you have to guess your speed and the rev counter is registering 1000 revs too many, so I've still work to do - but I can at least enjoy it on the road.

Well what do I do with myself now? Fortunately I've a few things to do on my neglected Kallista to get it ready for the season. Whether another deserving cause will find its way to my garage I don't know, but at the moment I don't feel inclined to start another! Then again that was  my state of mind when I finished each of the previous 3 Lima's!


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