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CCVC and CVCM's National Drive It Day Event

April 25th 2010

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Just three of us PEC members (Peter Heales, Dave Turner and Roy Biddle) joined in this popular event in which 165 cars drove from The Bull pub in Brentwood to Dedham in Suffolk via the old A12. The Bull has a huge car park behind it, although some of it is more like waste ground, The cars were snaked around the area in 4 columns and all just, just managed to get in. We were requested to not drive in convoy and were set off at 1 minute intervals. Needless to say by the time we all got to the end of Brentwood high street with its many traffic lights and/or pedestrian crossings you found yourself in a convoy. A stop was arranged at Kelvedon, where Deals garage opened up its showroom and grounds to us. The WI did a great job in serving up tea and cakes at 1.50 a time. There were masses of people there and the WI women could teach many cafes and restaurants I've been to how to cope with a rush.

We left Kelvedon at 12:30 and headed for Dedham.  Where we parked in a huge field at the end of the High Street. Thankfully the good weather we have been having recently meant that the ground was firm and dry. It could have been a nightmare in different weather conditions! We took a short walk to a pub and had a lunch, then strolled leisurely back to the cars. At 3pm we gathered around Colin's new speaker system for the prize giving and raffle. Prizes were given for those dressed in the manner of the time when their car was made. Many couple entered into the spirit of things. I can't believe that some of the clothes they were wearing had been in their wardrobes for 40or 50 years. However, Colin Moles owned up to buying the hideous jacket he was wearing in Carnaby Street 40 od years ago, and was bragging that it still fitted him.

By 3:45 we started for home, via the new A12  this time and were home in the Southend area by 5pm. It was a good day. The weather could have been better considering what the day before was like, but that didn't spoil the occasion. Congratulations to the CCVC and the CVCM for organising this  great day out, the proceeds of which go to Headway Essex, a charity devoted to assisting those with brain damage as a result of an accident.

A few photographs of the event follow:   





The early birds line up for the start. By the time everyone arrived no square of tarmac was left uncovered! On the other side of the white board was the clock that timed you away.














Virtually full, but still they come! Unfortunately that umbrella wasn't up to keep the sun off.














The cars start to move out a column at a time.
















If you can remember the sixties, so the saying goes, you probably weren't there man!  Dedham is so posh, Tony, the one in the middle, was refused entry to a restaurant!  Loads of people entered into the spirit of things and dressed up, or should it be dressed down?  Fox furs, long dresses, little hats with long feathers, shell suits and even an old RAF uniform were some of the period clothes on display.















The women of Kelvedon's WI in action. Crowds of people all arriving at once. No panic just service with a smile.














The field at the end of Dedham High Street where we all parked upon arrival there. It was a huge field, why we had to park so far away from the entrance I do not know. We only had 165 cars and this field could have held a 1000.












The first picture on our web of the Kallista Peter bought to go with the "T" shirt he bought from Alec at Rougham last year. It is a very nice car, but if you think it is a 2.8I you're wrong.














It looks just as nice from the other side too. The colour scheme's the same as that of Tony and Helen Burley's, Navy and Gold - a nice combination.















Having already given Peter's car far too much coverage, it is only fair that it is at the back in this picture. Dave has finally fixed the overheating problem that has plagued him for ages. The problem turned out to be a faulty thermostat housing gasket.








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